Saturday morning and with hangovers dwindling time to get the bikes and the Beemer out to play as
Brenda wants to visit all the local small towns. First task is to empty the tanks as our current slot has
no dump facility. Jacks up once more, all shore lines disconnected and another trundle around the
park to the dump station.

Dumped and set up again

Dumping complete back to the given slot and no way to make 135 turn so out on the main road and
around a square of right, right, right and right again for a straight on entry.  All reestablished when
Chucky’s bride, Rosa, arrives with her clip board once more to tell us we are taking up TWO slots and
must move again!!  Everything unplugged once more and the jacks are getting a real good workout
and off again around the park and park in the opposite direction as if I go any further left I will hang
over the slot both front and back.

“You are to move zee bus….. or zeeese gentlemen vill do it !”

Lined up again facing the other way I now find our neighbor has both 30 amp outlets feeding his rig ?
Consult Miss Chucky who, after another blasting from Brenda, says we can have BOTH slots but, now
as I can’t reach the other power pedestal, its jacks up again and once more round my multiple rights

Thanks ! …… my “Power Hog” neighbor

“Zerr vill be no more moving of zee bus !”

Finally established, jacks down water and 30 amp on, time to get the bikes out of the trailer.  After
dealing with Rosa we now encounter the second nightmare of the morning………. thanks to the
disgraceful California roads the Beemer has toppled over in the trailer despite 4 rachet tie downs.
Eventually get all 850 lbs of Bavarian machinery upright and drag it out to survey the damage. With
all the bouncing up and down across these so called freeways full of potholes one of the circular tie
down points has unraveled like a cheap piece of macaroni allowing the full tension on the other to
pull the bike over. The nice chrome runner above the side buffer has shattered being chromed
plastic!!!! and the top of the passenger seat has a hole rubbed in it. Not a happy camper!!!

Expensive Bavarian chromed plastic

There’s a hole in my Beemer, dear Rosa, a hole………

Now its very warm and with all the twoing and froing we need to get this show on the road and get
stuck into some bendy roads. Mapquest shows some real “bendy bits” on a local road leading up to
Middletown. Well worth a look so lets go.

Ooooooohh !!

The bends are as good for real as they look on the map but as they just keep coming there is little
chance of much in the way of accels from the apexes as you are immediately confronted with yet
another blind one. Man, you would need to ride this road a few times to get the hang of it.

The fun starts here with an uphill right…

Another blind left

Zipper de doo da……

Zipper de dey……

…….. my, oh my, what a beautiful day………..

Power on……..

“We feel the need 4 speed”

Into Middletown which is similar to Dolores in many respects with its own Brewery and Pizza tavern
and the local spit & sawdust bar across the street called Nobles. A quick break here for refreshments
and on past more vineyards and down the road less traveled in the search for Pope Valley. Roads
here are a mix of straights and then some bendy bits leading us down the other side of the Napa
Valley.  Another nature break and we find some giant fir cones which of course Brenda wants for
Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. Somewhere south and near St Helena we rejoin the
Silverado Trail and wend our way Northbound to the outskirts of Calistoga.

Bendy ? yes, but some straight bits too

Souvenir giant fir cones

Time to change the Beemer into bicycles and head off into town for our anniversary supper. A couple
of drinks and a nice bottle of merlot from Sterling Vineyards, somewhere we need to visit next time,
and into the meal of Oysters for her and Mussels for him followed by Fillet (superbly cooked) creamed
spinach, and some cheesy potatoes. I’m done but Brenda takes a Creme Brulee to finish a
memorable meal and a nice day.

The end of our Anniversary Meal

 Pedalling home in a pleasant 70 degrees at an altitude near sea level is so much nicer than 7000′
in Dolores!


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