If he can do it so can I

Certainly need something to get this show on the road, as every day I seem to be waiting on conditions so maybe a change of plan is needed and perhaps go for an earlier start? Today has rung true to form, warm and windy, a midday start and 18.00 in the bag and now the standard weather alert and believe it or not, yes more high winds!

Better do what I can

No less than 8 Weather Alerts overnight forecasting more doom and gloom, with winds up to 45 mph gusts, for the next few days along with showers and thunderstorms. Despite my personal misery and depression with this non stop wind I am now at 270.10 for the year, but anything over 10 miles a day looks unlikely so I’ll switch my attention to the Jag and see if I can get rid of the fine mist of sap that the tree has dropped on the car. Better find a new parking spot.

Just do what you can!

Guess I’ll go out for a quick 5 miles and then see what the afternoon brings. 10.30 for the lunchtime run in very gusty conditions but if I can get 5 more this afternoon then one more day doing the same will take me through the 300 marker. Well despite some horrendous gusts I make it through the 1/2 way point and finished the day on 17.71 which should give me a bit of wiggle room tomorrow and still pass the 300.

Not much of a wiggle ?

Friday, wet and windy! Not much happening today and not even a Plan B of car cleaning as the rain has knocked that on the head. Now to add yet more misery to the mix a WINTER WEATHER ALERT for 4-8″ of wet snow above 10,000′ but we should be good at 7000′ and its only 21st of May!

More Chemo horrors

1330 and off the Zoom call to the Hospital and Dr Cathcart says take another month off and we will try something else in the next round or you have about 6 months left if you elect not to do any more chemo! Can’t say I’m too impressed with that but it does come as quite a shock being told the stark reality and the life and death situation. Time will tell. In the interim try some new form of blood test, but I have to go over to Durango to get it done, as only “they” have the test kit.

Quite so

Saturday, and no change in the wind forecast with 45 mph gusts from the South. When I say I’m tired of this it’s a bit of an understatement. No rain in the forecast but very overcast so expect the worst and hope for the best.

Just sold a back wheel brake plate and shoes but the bloody Post Offices (both of them) are out of the correct mailing boxes that the buyer has paid for! Quick last chance search and I found one I must have missed. Now all I need to do is polish up the plate and send it off on Monday.

Now the question is can I get a few miles in today? Remember every one you do today is 1 less for tomorrow. The answer to that question was an emphatic NO! weather was unreal and never let up all day. A ton more Weather Alerts for more wind up to 55mph gusts from fast moving thunderstorms with pea size hail. Didn’t see any of that but it sure was a miserable day!

Sunday and after 2 wasted days and zero miles in the log I just had to get out there, which I finally did, knocking up another 14.65 with the intention of doing more in the afternoon.

Only 14.65 but I’m through 300

That didn’t happen either as I spent 2 hours cleaning tree sap and muck off the Jag. Well no matter I’m through the 300 marker so now chasing the “4” on this very slow start to the year.

Not my colors but beware the caution

Another Weather alert before bedtime, this time something new, a Freeze Warning ! ….. and its pretty cold this morning but at the moment no wind. Eight days left in the month and a minimum of 100 miles to go. Temp has crept up to 47F, off we go. Wind mainly from the North but swinging about. Out to the 9.5 marker and back towards town. A double 2 miles loop just outside town and I’m home for 24.25 which is a good start. Dog feeding and walking complete, now move the Jag to it’s new spot and time for lunch. My friend the wind has increased but I hope I can get the extras to get over the 30 hump.

Winds from all directions but more bloody determination and they keep clicking over and the day is done at 1700 on the watch and 36.05 on the odometer! Pleased with that, target distance achieved.

Looking at the totals, with yesterday’s score I’m at 338.51 for the month and year and 16,729.61 for the round trip.

Can he make it ?


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