As another year comes to an end and cabin fever begins to bite time to review the blog ramblings and
see where I’m going or not. If you believe in the Mayan calendar you will know we are already
approaching our penultimate Christmas this year and, according to them, next year’s festivities will be
the last !

What a relief, that explains it

Back to the blog, which was started at someone’s suggestion 3 years ago, I have written 387 articles
on subjects various, and I have 23 subscribers. Now “subscriber” instantly suggests parting with
money which is not the case and as far as I know all that happens if you are a subscriber is that you
instantly get an e-mail when a new article is published. You can register at the bottom of any article,
make any comments you wish, which come directly to me……. and I hope to answer them promptly,
and also hit the “Liked”, “Disliked” or “No Opinion” options if you did, or didn’t, or didn’t wish to
comment. To that end I have had 550 of those, thankfully 525 going to liked, 16 to disliked, and the
last 9 to the no opinion box.

Yes, it really was the nastiest bike ever

How did I manage to overtake someone 9 numbers ahead of me on the road ???????

In the early days of the blog the most popular article was strangely “The Nastiest Bike Ever” the saga
of the Rotten Cotton which the RAF were forced to ride in the 1971 ISDT and then when the “Building
of TYZ” was published it went racing to the top and continues to dominate with over 29,000 reads.

I did a few mods and altered the dreadful color scheme

The one off TYZ

The top two articles look like being unchallenged in the forseeable future but third place is closely
contested and could change hands at any time. The top four are as follows:

1. The Building of TYZ          29,020
2. And the Winner is….         16,133
3. Spring Clean                     11,516
4. That Twinshock Class    11,159

Also climbing rapidly up the leader board is a more recent article called “Frame It” so that will be
interesting to watch in the coming months.

A bundle of Beamishes from “Frame It”

Top articles that people liked and said so are:

1. The Winner is                      17
2. Spring Clean                       12
3. Frame It                                11 with 1 No opinion
4= TYZ                                        9
4= No Excuse Cub                   9
4= That Twinshock Class      9  with 1 Disliked
7. Memories of the Scottish   8
8= Vintage T Schools              7
8= Fred’s Fancy                        7
8=1st Week of May                  7

Then of course there are those articles that some readers disliked, either because their opinions
differed from mine, or for some other reason, which I don’t know, as they didn’t follow up with any
comment which might have resolved any issues they may have had.

A couple that stand out,  but I have no understanding of what they disliked, were “Testing the
Pachyderm”, which was a fun article on testing the SWM Jumbo for which I used some elephant
pictures and wrote some hopefully amusing comments to amplify the pictures.

All I said was “with new bars fitted I didn’t like the flapping hand guards”

The other that defies any explanation was the article on building “Ossamaha” from scratch and
taking an old DMW frame and adapting it to take a TY250A engine and fitting an Ossa front end.
Maybe it was the name they didn’t like ?

The “will it fit ?” build stage

Rechromed frame

Does the name offend ?

What’s not to like ?

Somebody didn’t like the “Wooly Ossa” either, perhaps he or she doesn’t like stories of elephants ?
or the thought of them being stuck in a snow drift or glacier…….. and more recently the applecart was
upset with “Crystal Balls” which was perhaps a too pointed view on predictions for next year’s Ahrma Championships?

Recovered from the Glacier ???

Yes, it IS made by Lucas !!

The “no glove” prediction

Another that got a “veto” was “Pheasant Hunting in the US of A” where despite trying to portray a
balanced view and my appreciation of the wonders of pointing dogs I did show my colors when it
came to gun safety and shooting technique. I stand by what I said and this photo says it all in MY

 Let’s review this AWFUL shot !   Too fast, off balance, a VERY poor gun
gun mount, and WAY TOO close!  What went wrong ? From his body
position I suspect this bird flushed from his feet while his right foot was
coming forward. He shuffled his left foot to parallel, tried to mount the
gun too quickly and with this “right to left shot” and left foot too far back
the gun butt came up too low on the shoulder and the stock is not in
contact with his cheek …….. he might just as well have fired from the HIP

The blog will hopefully continue, though it must be said that with declining resources and a lack of
riding I have fewer and fewer trials to report on. Of course while I’m sitting aimlessly looking at the
screen for inspiration a reader will often write in and ask my opinion on something from the past or
present to get the grey matter kick started again. Its been pretty easy in the past rebuilding at least 5
bikes a year and riding the 10-12 Arizona events on top of about 12 rounds of the Ahrma
Championship but alas the recession and other things can change all that in a heartbeat!

Other weird things occur from time to time as comments come from strange sources which are
difficult to process as either genuine or a scam and I therefore decline to publish as I can’t tell
whether they are from a real enthusiast or some sort of agency trying to promote their own goods.

Overall the blog does provide me with a lot of amusement finding appropriate pictures to go with the
text and then linking them together in some readable form with the occasional slip into UK spelling!

So to all that frequent the site I wish you a Very Happy Christmas & a Prosperous New Year

Looks like Christmas will continue after all ! Have a GOOD one


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  • 12/26/2010 10:22 AM Ralph Foster wrote:
    Tony. Your articles are always a blast to read. I really enjoy your humor. Vintage trials is my passion at this time in my life and your stories keep me motivated.Keep up the good work. See you in Az. in a month.
    P.S. Thanks for the kind words in your crystal ball article.
    Ralph Foster
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  • 12/26/2010 2:43 PM Jim Crain wrote:
    Hey Tony, Thanks for all of the posts. I enjoy them all but of course, some more than others. I hope that Sylvia and I get to see you and Brenda in the upcoming year. We are planning to make several events in the upcoming season. As usual, I will be focusing on MX and racing with the boys from Roswell on their Gold Stars. I hope to get my BSA twin flying again and maybe build a heavy weight BSA trials machine from an Alloy Clipper that I have. The good news for me is that I have left the corporate world and am making my way with our rental properties. Also hope to compete in the 2011 Cannonball rally in September. We will see if I can get my ’27 BSA on the road for this and see if the event actually happens. Should be an interesting year. Thanks again for the interesting articles and I hope that you all have properous new year! Jim
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  • 12/26/2010 7:09 PM Marc Price wrote:
    Hello Tony
    I wish you all the best, I enjoy your blogs so keep them going!
    As a Tiger Cub owner I enjoy the articles on them and also your rebuild articles.
    My regards
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  • 12/26/2010 8:37 PM Scott wrote:
    Hope you had a good Christmas Tony!I enjoy your articles and they have given me the trials bug.I hope to get my 1970 Plonker finished this winter and ride some events this year.I really enjoy the stories of your time in the RAF or past riding in the UK.Keep up the good work!!
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  • 12/27/2010 10:39 AM Dave Rhodes wrote:
    Hey Tony Please keep up the good work – like you I write a daily blog which gets a lot of hits – interestingly they come from – in order – Canada,France,USA,Italy, UK. I think Trials fans are always thirsting for something to read, and with most web-sites never updated on a regular basis, the one that do ( such as yours and mine) will continue to be popular.
    All the best to you and your readers for the 2011 season ( We were out playing in the snow yesterday – Boxing Day) – any of your followers interested in clicking onto my site can go to www.outlawtrials.com
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  • 12/28/2010 7:48 PM Jimmy Allison wrote:
    Thanks for explaining the 2012 issue.
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