Ed & Evelyn

 The best news to finish 2007 was that Ed & Evelyn Peacock have taken over the position of
AHRMA National Trials Coordinator, a harder working, more enthusiastic couple would be difficult
to find. Throughout 2007 the result service was somewhat lacking and most of the events were
late getting published making the season planning virtually impossible. We have had the
schedule up for almost a month now and I, for one, am very excited.

Here it is! AZ Cycle Park

On paper the 2008 season looks good with some excellent venues and some great riding to
come. The AHRMA season opens with a new venue at AZ Cycle Park and this replaces the old
Wittman event. I went out to look at the area which is basically an old quarry (no rocks) with 50′
sides but I think we can make 10-12 pretty good sections there and make it worth the trip.

On the Bayou Diamond Don’s

I will miss the Florida event but then we have Diamond Don’s on April 4 which gets better every
year and I would recommend this one to all as there is plenty of scope for sections and the post
trial party is certainly worth going for as Diamond Don really pushes the boat out!

In the ruins Diamond Don’s TX

Perris CA sometime in April and a bit of an unknown as its not the old Perris Trials Land which
was perfect in every respect for trials riding.

Tucker Ranch CO

May will be a great month with the Rocky Mountain boys putting on 2 major nationals. A first
time for Tucker Ranch but another first class venue for an AHRMA national and a fitting tribute to
the owner who rerettably died of a heart attack last year while laying out a national for the
modern bikes. A 2 Day at Tucker Ranch 3/4 May then 2 weeks later at Milliken on May 17.

Tucker Ranch Cotopaxi CO

Milliken CO

The Mud Hole Milliken CO

June has 3 events but a little too far away for me with a 2 Day at Marion IL on 7/8 June and
then Casey IL on June 14.

Donner CA with the Lake below

July always has one of my favorites, the Donner 2 Day in CA. A beautiful setting by the ski lodge
and lift with the parking lot reserved for the trials fraternity. Very well organized by Matt
Hillgenburg and family and some rather unique prizes! If you haven’t done this one it really is a
must with a great turn out of bikes and entries in the 50 mark. Temperatures are near perfect
with 70’s by day and a cool 40 overnight.

The Spoils at Donner…. Anybody remember the Greeves works Rider on the bottle?

Ok, 1 more look at the bottle, WHO is the Rider?
My Initials might give you a clue?

August has the Chehalis event which I rode last year. I don’t quite know what to make of the
event. It always has the biggest turn out with entries in the 80’s!….. That begs the question are
all are vintage riders in the North West? …. and if they are, then perhaps we should have more
events in that sector or at least make this one a 2 Day ? If it was a 2 Day it might attract the
Canadian boys?

Chehalis WA

At the end of August we have something different a THREE DAY! Yes, a 3 Day Trial. Well it’s
organized by Fred Martinson and the Wyoming gang so you know it will be the other side of
GOOD and verging on GREAT! The Casper event at Mosteller Ranch has been a favorite of mine
for the last 3 years and if you can only make one long distance event this is the one especially
with 3 Trials! August 30/31 and September 1st. It has everything! Mud, rivers, rocks, more mud
nadgery a great atmosphere and near perfect climatic conditions, and let’s not forget the “bring
a dish” bar-b-q.

Casper WY

September is the busiest month by far opening up with the last of the “Casper Spectacular” on
the 1st then only 3 days off before moving to Utah to a new venue at the Miller Motorsports Park
for a 2 Day on 5/6 September. It maybe new but it’s being run by Jim Lipscomb so it promises to
be good. WOW 5 events in ONE WEEK!

Casper WY

Sandia NM

A week later we move to Sandia which is an event that gets better every year both in terrain
and turnout. The event moves to Saturday 13th which, with the change from the normal Friday,
may attract more riders. Lets hope so as Jim Crain and Sylvia put a lot into this one.

Dickson TN

But wait, there’s more!  Ginder Ranch for a combined AHRMA & ITSA 2 Day …… it can be done,
50 sections in an A through E  format with no splits in the sections, just red and blue tapes. With
25 sections a day each class rides 10 sections for their 3 loops. With 25 sections there are 5 A’s,
5 B’s and so on. AHRMA line 1 riders ride A’s and B’s, line 2 men ride B’s and C’s and line 3 are on
C’s and D’s with beginners and 4 line on D’s and E’s. Great terrain, very well run and a chance to
meet many of the ITSA men who can’t ride AHRMA as their bikes are in that “1980-1985” age
bracket. Don’t miss it …September 27/28.

Hollister CA

October has Hollister on Saturday 11th, great terrain, perhaps a little too easy last year but a
ton of potential, then Barber on the 17th which I will miss and sounds like it needs some
revamping from last years reports.

Finally November 8th at Aonia Pass in GA which always has a good event but lacks entries and
a bit disappointing if you have put all that work in.

Now add in the extra Rocky Mountain Regional Rounds plus my own endeavours in Arizona and
the dance card is pretty full!

Alto Pit AZ

TONY DOWN        C’mon spring and summer!

All event photography by Brenda Brenda Savage Photography


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