Thanksgiving week so a break from School Bus driving although that having been said I had my first taste of
horrendous winter driving last weekend with a 240 mile drive up to Grand Junction with the Cheerleaders
and Dance Teams. The forecast was rain for Cortez but snow in Monticello and then more rain from Moab
to Grand Junction.

The timing for departure was 1700 which in my opinion was a bit late as its a 4.5 hour drive with the stop in
Moab. Eventually it gets changed to 1530 and we make the first portion of 40 miles quickly on wet roads…….
but then it changes to heavy snow and finally to roads covered and wipers clogging up on the flat fronted
bus as we come into Monticello. The roads have not been plowed and there are cars off the side of the road
and some upside down. Big rigs are slipping and sliding and stopping to chain up. I have 4 cars in front of
me all tailgating each other and a whole load of nervous tapping of brakes making matters worse for all of
us followers…… and now the impatient dumbarse team arrive and rocket past us at ridiculous speeds…….
and they are all driving jacked up Dodge’s ?

The windscreen mists up continually with all the passenger’s heavy breathing and on any selection of full
beam its like looking at the Star Trek asteroids coming straight at you !   Finally we pull into the hotel at
2130 after a 6 hour drive that normally takes 4.5……… it snows ALL night and 3-4 inches greets me as I do
my pre trip on Saturday morning.

Pressing on through the Asteroid belt …..”make it so”

So now its Thanksgiving Week and time to start thinking Christmas decorations as everybody seems to
be jumping ahead this year with all the local towns having already got their street lighting up and running.
The town of Dolores has the “Lighting Competition” and our track record is 3 wins and a second so now I
need to make those “Stars” that you can’t buy from Wallmart .

The 2012 MkI model

The operation requires metal coathangers, zip ties and 550 lights per star.  The name of the game is to
make a 5 pointed star using 6 hangers per unit. Phase 1, assemble 3 two foot long sides using 2 hangers
and 3 zip ties.

All the required parts

First side complete, 8 more to go  ….. and egg nog too

Phase 2 is to join two of the sides at the top and spread the legs a little to give the first 3 points. Now add
the third side and we have our basic star.

3 points

First of the MKII’s ready for lights

Phase 3 is the lighting and remember that this will be arse backwards as eventually you have to plug into
a source so first attach the socket and run the 50 string of the brighter LED lights around the frame. With
these on add 2 sets of 150 plains which will be the tail of the star with another 50 off the first string going
around the frame. With those on a further star tail streamer of 200 lights and the job should be done.

Ready for the big outside

Thanksgiving morning and as I’m not on any cooking duties ( I do Christmas) it will be hanging of stars
after refilling all the log baskets and then … enjoy! Tomorrow will be a different story as Brenda is mustard
keen to get on with the decorations.

A morning of logs & dogs and too many Christmas/Thanksgiving cocktails so work up a ladder was out
as it was deemed way too dangerous. Save it for Friday ! Back to Ebay for some ugly Christmas sweaters
while the Hallmark seasonal films play on.


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