My favorite Ahrma section, “The Waterfall” at Casper which sadly I won’t
get to see this year

 There is a major difference between retirement, loss of interest, and or, ability and having something
forced upon you. Regrettably I’m suffering from the latter as I find myself unable to go to my nearest
Ahrma event at Turkey Rock this weekend. Not being able to compete due to lack of finances does
nothing for ones morale and is a far cry from my riding heydays pre the recession.

 Recent repairs to the RV were expensive and now it needs 6 new tires at around $1500-1800, and all
this before refuelling at around the $4.20 a gallon ! ………. so this year I might as well sit on my arse and
give the trials scene a complete miss as I can’t get anywhere close to qualifying……. all very, very sad.

 However life is not all doom and gloom as I turn 65 in August so I will pick up another couple of
pensions which might just finance my trials riding in later life. The bikes are still keen, and so am I, so
maybe this year I’ll just be a backyard trialer and ponce around doing figure of eights and pretending
they are $ symbols.

 This morning up bright and early only to be reminded I’m not 8000′ up a mountain at Turkey Rock and
I’m not in an RV and getting ready for two super days of trials that Ed will have laid out. The only time
this venue was on the calendar was in 2009 and I’d just come off a clean card at Milliken post my
return from the Scottish Pre 65 Silver Jubilee. Day 1 went very well with 3,4 and PI riders going out in
the morning and the rest of us checking for them. With roles reversed my afternoon outing produced
another zero card and I seemed to be on top form.

Day 1 on top form

Plenty of “Ups”

……..and downs

 Day 2 should have been another perfect performance but a nervous dab on the first section spoilt
that plan and then for no rhyme or reason I went the wrong way on a very simple section for a dumb
5 ! Well that was something I hadn’t done in a long time so I then had to get the act back on track but
after cleaning the hard part of the next section I stalled the engine on a turn and finished the first loop
on a dismal 11.

Up the hardest part of a Day 2 section

Looking good until I stalled the motor…………. DUMB!!

 The next two loops went as planned with a zero score and fortunately for me my opposition was
faring even worse and racked up scores in the 20’s.

Happiness was cleaning loops 2 & 3

 I’m sure the Enfield would have done well there this weekend but we will never know.



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