Memories of my “Trials Mentor” who would stand at the bottom of the hill
with an ash twig at the ready and if your hand stretched out for that clutch thingey……… WAP !

I have been threatening one for several years so this year no more fannying around JUST DOOO IT !

This will be a Vintage Trials School for Beginners but of course anyone with a modern bike is more
than welcome to join in to learn some of the basics. Most trials schools that I have seen or been
involved with over the years, other than RAFMSA which was a week long affair, are far too short often
only being 2 hours in duration and to be fair if you have attended one of these in the past you will have
most likely come away somewhat disappointed.

What I have envisaged is an absolute minimum of THREE DAYS and FOUR being the best option but
I fully understand some peoples budget for trials doesn’t stretch that far or to be away from business
and family is pehaps pushing the enjoyment boat out a little too far.

OK, dates wise I’m looking at the week leading up to our 2 Day Trial here in Dolores which for those
with a poor memory is 11/12 August.  So the training will begin on 7th August  (my birthday) and run
through until o’beer thirty on Friday 10 Aug. For those bringing RV’s we can accommodate you at our
place, Cozy Comfort RV park, and special rates will be available even though we are in High Season.
There will be reductions for “dry” camping but the showers will be available.

Lets assume those attending arrive Monday night so  we will kick off with some beers and the
“Master Plan” for the week in the Shade Garden.


Tuesday        0830  Situation Overview, basic set up of machines and riders (while tools are available)

1000 Basics, posture, machine preparation, simple flat figure of 8’s.

1100 Removing nerves, at the back of the property, small climbs, descents and turns.

1300 Post lunch, move to main Training Area.

1330-1630  Thinking Sections and the 3 rule practice

1930-2030  Machine Prep Demo  “Wheels and Tires”

Wednesday 0830 Move to Training Area

0900 Banks, bumps and turns

1200-1230 Lunch

1230-1430 Riding Rocks, the basics, stance

1430-1630 More rocks !

1930-2030 Machine Prep Demo  “Carbs”

Thursday      0830 Move to other Training  Area

0900 Bigger banks, descents and turns

1200-1230 Lunch

1230-1430 Adverses/tree roots, and logs

1430-1630 First look at Mud !

1930-2030 Machine Prep Demo “Chains and Suspension”

Friday            0830 2nd Training Area

0900 2nd look at Mud or Sand

1100 Set up Sunday sections

1300-1330 Lunch

1330-1600 Set up Saturday Sections and free practice

1630-Insensible  Beer fest and week’s debrief

In general terms most people’s expectation of trials training is to arrive with little or no experience, be
given a demo by an established Expert, and within 2 hours be able to emulate what they have seen.
Well I’m afraid trials is not like that. Certainly after some dedicated training riders will be able to do
sections they thought were impossible on day 1, they will have a new confidence with their bike, they
will be able to plan a section and ride it to a plan. By competing in the 2 Day post camp Trial they will
be able to judge their own improvement in a “real” trials situation.

For the absolute beginner or novice this may look daunting but I’m pretty confident that EVERYONE will be going up and down this by Friday !

While everyone wants to clean every section, nothing wrong with that, in truth if that were possible you
would be out there challenging Toni Bou, what WE will be aiming to achieve is to minimise our score.
In other words, trying to “save the five” and get through the section will be our primary objective, then
we will ride and ride it well for the “three” then moving on for the elusive “two”. When we are down to
the “two” we will be trying for the “planned dab” and finally the clean ! So once the primary objective
has been achieved and confidence says WE CAN get through it then its better planning, technique
and skill, and perhaps a sprinkling of luck before we get that big Zero.

How much you ask ? Current daily rate will be $50.00 per rider/day with a maximum of 10 students.

Full RV hook ups are $27.00 per night or $130 per week.  Dry camping in RV, no power or water $20
per night but free hot showers included. Tent camping, max two people per tent, $15.00 per night
including free hot showers.

So if you feel this could be for you, book either by replying to the blog, or direct to me at: downdiversified@aol.com  or 970 882 2483 (leave message)

Now where’s my cane ?


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