Either today or tomorrow and all will be revealed. Nearly time for some strawberries to go with all that cream. It’s loaded and on its way!

A Single Delivery? well it does deserve special treatment

The Courier Service for all the paperwork has not been close to anything I would have expected. It has taken longer than expected, all the frills and notifications have come to nothing, and all that has been achieved is that it has moved 400 miles in 6 Days!!! Disgraceful and Fed-Ex should be ashamed as I have still not received it or been given any update and its still 50 miles away over in Durango.

Big Red is supposed to be delivered by 1200 noon which I hope happens as I must be in the hospital by 1315 for those Scans.

Another of yesterday’s surprises was the arrival of my 4 sets of cycling attire which were ordered at Thankgiving and been a real pain in the proverbial as the company was taking orders here in the US and then placing those orders in China. No response to emails or telephone calls, a few worthless tracking numbers and even “2 out for delivery” “and delivered!” Complete nonsense and never again!

Just gone 1100 so within the last hour if all is on time. Dealer was coming to work in Denver where they had about 1 foot of snow overnight so very pleased they got it out of there before it started. 1200 and the first ETA goes by with nothing achieved. 1230 and the paperwork arrives from Fed-EX so a start.


Diagnostic Scans on me with ehancement!

Into town for the Scans and they get done then home by 1430 and achieve MY ETA of 1500 so I’m ready to sit back and wait for them to turn up as though nothing has happened.

Two buckles and a pin that need to be cut down to fit

If everything comes to fruition then I have a few fun days arranging badges, modifying a couple of belt buckles and finding a metal to metal glue or epoxy to bond them to the licence plate. A lot of stainless screws and nuts to purchase to get the right “look” and finally put the goodies on the jacket without overdoing it!

1 hour to go to the shipper’s last ETA, lets see how accurate this one is ? 1700 comes and goes and I shut down the operation at this end.

Imagine my surprise at 1730 as a bedraggled transporter parks across the road from the house with two cars on it.

There is much to read, as in truth I have much to learn about this car and what it can do. It looks like it has just finished a very wet full blown rally and is covered in muck and mud. The driver says the snowstorm in Denver dumped two feet and the wonder car has been treated to all this flying spray and grot for a good portion of the day. Tomorrow it will be off for a bath.

A serious mess!

Friday and time to give her a look over, sure did pick up some spray, well a wash will fix all that so into town and go to the drive through and give the boys a generous tip! Round the back out with the new chamois and start the wipe down. Wipe down complete and note quite a lot of scratches and 4 areas of paint fade due to the sun which I had not seen in ANY of the previous photos. All done so off to MVD for title and plates, but “WHAT’S THIS ??? A bloody check ENGINE LIGHT” and another caution “RESTRICTED PERFORMANCE” …… clearly this must all be related to the car wash, but I am less than happy.

MVD said drive on the 2 months worth of dealer tags and apply for plates later. New tags are only $120 a year so pretty good compared to some vehicles I’ve owned. I will have to address the roof paint issue and see what that will cost. I am very surprised about the roof paintwork damage as in 2 months of negotiations not a hint that I would have to take it in to a body shop for a respray to the roof! This is what it looked liked when I got it home and by then the restricted Performance caption had gone out, but I still have Check Engine!

“Well Data, what do you think?”   “I think it’s one of those Jaguar Car Engines from circa 2005”

I will get an estimate from my friendly bodyshop

Complied with all the instructions from the dealership, topped off the battery, started, Check Engine caption on, allow to warm up, but no sooner out of the “blue” and the “Resctricted Performance” is back on again. Light throttle openings, and the motor sounds rough to me as though its only running on 6! This will be discussed at length tomorrow  along with another another couple of issues I found.

Some of the hundreds of reasons that Check Engine caption can come on, low grade fuel, Premium or nothing, a poorly fitting gas cap, to name but a couple that I CAN check. Well first up there is no way to open the gas cap! However, there is an emergency catch located behind the boot carpet which operates when you find it. No amount of grease or lubricant work as I can see the bracket but can’t undo it. Well make another latch release so at least I can get fuel. Suprise here as you move from normal unleaded at $2.59 to Premium at $3.09 but at least its full but of course I’m not in the business of driving round with Check Engine on all the time!!! and it will have to go. Next surprise is to find out the BOOT is plastic, and how do I know you ask? Well this horror story starts at the dealer temporary Tags which appear to have been rapidly attached by none other than what looks like SHEET METAL SELF TAPPING SCREWS and a power tool. They have their uses, but not on plastic and not an item that has been predrilled and threaded! One of the said screws is at an angle, and the plastic behind it has shattered and split. Top to bottom, very ugly, but it will stay covered when the new plates are on.

I don’t like what I’m seeing, angled screw in, the horrors of split and broken plastic underneath!

Currently I have the following faults which MUST be fixed under warranty or I’ll lose my mind :

Check Engine Light

Fuel Door Release

Boot Release

Tag fixing damage

Well down to the Post Office for a sale to France and then off for bloodwork before tomorrow’s chemo. Parcel away, back in the car and after start up the Check Engine caption has vermoosed! All after I booked a diagnostic at Auto Zone, none the wiser but it sure feels better not to be staring at that caption.

Wednesday and a later chemo session with a new Doctor, off we go and within yards another bloody caption  “Engine Coolant Low”, I know it isn’t as I have just looked at it!! It’s a RED light so stop and up with the hood, all looks good but it keeps coming on needing a stop and recycling the ignition. Talk about pissed off this is now getting beyond a joke! It may have to go back as this is depressing me more than the chemo and cancer. I need answers and quickly!

The belt buckles get sorted and should fit now using the metal bonding putty.

Ready for putty!

New arrival from China but I’ll wait before fitting, all very annoying 









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