The weather leading up to the weekend was a series of blow through snow storms, overnights of 2-4″,  and then melting by lunchtime before the next onset late afternoon.

Friday evening and the next big one arrives with about 6″ on the rail and high winds giving lots of drifting and blizzard conditions. By Saturday morning things are looking pretty grim with a stiff westerly and around 10″ needing a plow out.


Pool competition comes and goes, and sadly I finish just out of the money in 5th!

Monday morning and another couple of inches but the main roads are clear. Out with the bus and the side roads are not so rosey. The motor grader who tries to do my route roads has created the usual chaos and filled in all the ditches which makes the road look twice as wide and now there are zero references and as this machine has NO gritting or mag chloride capability the roads are like glass.

A little later I find out as the bus glides sideways into the ditch!!! The motor grader is not that far away and I get him to pull me out of the mess he has made.

Monday night and another 3-4″ but the county plows have done great work on the main roads. In at work and people are chaining up but then we get some calls from our route area that several parents have run off the roads on their way to their stops. Pleasant View and Lewis routes are cancelled so home I go. No sooner has dog walking been done when another major storm arrives and the wind picks up resulting in the worst blizzard we have seen in a long time. This continues ALL day and most of the night giving around two feet. It stops eventually but the decision has been made and we are actually having a SNOW DAY on Wednesday.


During the Blizzard


Finally its over

Wednesday, bright and sunny with the white stuff everywhere but very pretty. More plowing out  as life moves on.


My BMW I think ?


A couple of feet on the picnic table


We live here


Time for a plow out!

Thursday and Friday the side roads are awful and care and patience is the order of the day. Our local ski resorts are enjoying the highest January snowfalls for many years and I end up taking an activity trip to Telluride with 50 kids and parents. With all the snowfall the roads are still not clear but by the time we are coming home there has been a good melt and conditions are improving.

The calendar slips into February and Friday the 3rd is a teacher day so I’m off and manage to finally get all the maple tree decorations down and boxed. Saturday morning and everything is finally put away in the workshop loft.



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