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OH YEZ!……OH YEZ! Hear Ye, Hear Ye,  The AHRMA Trials season opener kicks off at Az Cycle
Track some 30 miles outside Phoenix on the California side. Currently I have walked the site,
might actually ride it soon, and so far, as at 5 Jan 2008 have identified about 14-15 potential
sections of varying terrain without having to resort to importing man made obstacles.

The main area is a purpose made motorcross circuit with extra training facilities for beginers and
juniors. There is also a big enduro trail/cross country section which will in no way impinge on our
activities. The entire motorcross arena is in a 50′ deep ex-quarry which is now predominately
loose dirt. For those who are interested in the motorcross there is a fair bit of “cotton waste”
and compost in the track and from what I saw it looks excellent for old scramblers and their
riders. For the campers, level area on a hardcore (ABC) surface, so no mud in the van even if it

Ed, Evelyn, Earl Burrows and myself should have no trouble knocking out and taping the 12
sections I propose and I believe we can easily do this in 2-3 days and have time earmarking
other areas for future events.

Let’s see what we have, clockwise loop leaving the start heading west to what could be 1 & 2
or just a single section in a deep ditch filled with branches and tree stumps.

Short ride to 1 or it might be 1 & 2

A little bit of brush to clear 1 & 2

Follow the western edge of the MC track to No 3, a series of turns and log crossings.

Simple entry to 3… it won’t move!

The turn back to 3. 1 goes over at the left, 2 at the right, 3 turns round

100 yards to 4 which could be some fun in the very loose and fine wash sand… it’s tough
getting traction just walking through it so we won’t need too many turns to take some marks!

No 5, I like the look of with a 3 way split on the log and an earlier turn for the 4 line.

This is 5! 1 line left, 2 line right, 3 turn early…… not going to be easy!

No 6 is a long line of broken roadway chunks and will be the only “rocky” one that I found.

Just across from 6 lies the tough 7. 1 and 2 line runners may find this tough but maybe a
“gimmee” for PI, 3 and 4 line operators.

Now a huge Ironwood at 8 has us coming out of the sand in the wash then finding tons of grip
before the conveniently angled tree root which will be graduated in severity for the appropriate
line. Maybe a tougher than normal exit for 4 but 2, PI and 3 should cope. 1 liners I plan turning
back around the tree’s other root for a challenging exit.

No 8. 4 extreme left, 3 1/3 in from left, 2 on the natural, 1 up by the tree

Rejoin the top edge of the quarry where we previously were at 3 and continue to the ditches
of 9 A&B, could be 2 sections here or just one long one, plenty of scope.

The Ditches and Washes of 9

Now for some old fashioned climbs! A classic down and up for 10 with some twists for the 1 & 2

No 11 I propose to be a “single liner” WFO type section which will be the “Graduated Hill” give it
all you’ve got Scotty and the score is where the front wheel stops, use all the footing you wish
it’s only the front wheel that counts!

12 will be in the corner, should we use it, and as motorcrosser tire tracks are there it should be a
confidence builder and another “gimmee”.

13 is in the other corner and overshadowed by a big cliff. A diagonal line for 4 riders then
varying difficulty turns after entry for 1,2 and 3 riders.

By the Cliff on 13

14 is their retention area but could be a super “mudhole” if it’s wet or we ask them to fill it.

There will be a bit of “gardening” to do and a couple of bushman saws to clear some branches.
So far the potential looks good when we consider this is “true desert”….. and the owner is more
than helpful and wants us back.

Tony Down

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