More repairs to the RV, and its collected on Monday afternoon and we are leaving for a few days
in Wine Country before the trial at Hollister. I’m busy loading when screams come from inside the
coach and we have NO WATER! Sure enough during the insta hot water repair the main pump has
now failed. Anybody want a RV?

 So now I can’t load the bikes and this time the Harley too boot. It’s been a VERY long day and
now it’s time to DRINK HEAVILY!

 Tuesday morning while I brief the crews on the weeks work Brenda rips Holiday Motorhomes a
new one! When I get back they are open and will fix the pump while I wait. So a 40 mile drive in
the wrong direction but they are good to their word and 20 minutes later I’m on my way back.
Finally exactly at 12 we leave and after one refueling stop we pull into Calistoga, at the Northern
end of the Napa Valley, at 3 in the morning! BUT WE ARE HERE!

 Wednesday morning and the plan is RELAX! Get the V-Rod out and a quick ride to the bay area.
Ride to San Francisco and have the duty lunch of chowder, take in the Chocolate factory and then
the long haul back via the Golden Gate Bridge. By now I have discovered California drivers and
Horny squirrels have a lot in common, they are both f…… nuts! However I remember the California
bike rules and no stopping in traffic jams, just ride straight to the front of the queue same as in
the UK. Eventually back up the Napa Valley and its getting COLD!

The Perfect Line!

 Thursday and it’s the wine tasting day and well worth every penny. The driver and limo turn up
on time and we discuss the gameplan. Our driver knows everything about the place and is a wine
buff himself. Several tastings later we at Rutherford Hill and after sampling their goodies find
“the bottle of the day” which is consumed with some wonderful cheeses in their picnic area. A
wonderful day and some great memories, the bad news for the wallet is that this looks like being
a yearly pilgrimage!

 On Friday we set sail for Hollister a mere 130 miles south. Today’s plan is find the venue and
then take Harley down to Clint Eastwood’s “Hogs Breath” bar in Carmel.

Find the first clue at the Park Rangers shack who tells us “teams must take the road up the hill
to the motorcross track”. He forgets to tell me it’s on the right and not on the left!! Having missed
something, which could have been the entrance we proceed for another 8 miles down the single
track before we can turn 60 feet of fun around.

 The effects of wine tasting have taken their toll and Brenda is not quite so keen on the Harley
ride and is considering a little sleep. I take the Yam out for a look at the sections which all look
simple enough and I’m torn between riding and doing the sensible thing and checking to
guarantee the Championship.

 Back at the bus I’m still torn with indecision but eventually common sense takes over. It’s been
a long season and I can win a National Championship simply by checking, or I can ride and take
a chance that things go in my favor. Brenda tells me I will be a pain to live with on the way home
if I have a bad day! Ed Peacock and his wife Evelyn are at the venue and really getting into the
AHRMA thing and have been on the road since Albuquerque and join us for drinks and stories.

 Saturday and I do the checking thing. Boy, this is no fun when you would rather be riding. I get
my 20 points and first ever National Championship and Ed wins the MC Novice class.

 Back home and the Don Morley Royal Enfield Bullet is arriving, so now I have 2 choices and
classes to ride in 2007. The Bullet is going to take some work and the challenge seems a bit
daunting but I’m sure that Brian Crawford can machine me some new parts to make her

 One last AHRMA event to cap off the year up at Moab and one last outing for “Glitzmobile”
before concentrating on the Tiger Cub.

The Results came in! …. and the $18,000 AHRMA jacket is mine!!

Thanks to all my faithful support crew of Brenda, Doof the dog, and Rossi. Thanks also to the
people at Monaco for all the laughs and entertainment provided by their RV!

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