Decide to take a collection, the Ossa and 2 Yams, “the glitzmobile” and “the Majesty”.

Now the Majesty! What a beast! This has a 320 piston and barrel with the crankcases machined
out to take the bigger cylinder. The cases, barrel, piston and spacer are acquired and now a donor
engine has to be split to put everything in the new cases. In the cool of a January morning I
carefully split a 74 motor and with parts carefully laid out on the workshop bench and various
trays we come to the withdrawal of the patient’s transmission. Up to now the operation has been
a success but the arrival of Cadbury with stick in mouth is where it all ends in tears! As I withdraw
the two meshed shafts the labrador’s enthusiasm gets the better of her and she jumps up and
lands both feet on my arm and I toss the entire contents of the 30 year old gearbox all over the
workshop floor….. brilliant!

 Painstakingly I become the retriever and pick all the cogs, wheels and washers various. However,
despite MENSA intelligence I have no idea how it fits together. No problem, into the computer and
TY Transmission page is faithfully printed and back to the workshop I go. Well perhaps old age is
setting in as I can’t make head nor tail of it. So another engine is split and used as a template to
correct Cadbury’s misdoings. Finally I have the crank in the new cases. New bearings and seals
are in place, and the reassembled transmission is in the correct holes and apparently functional.
Case jointing compound is applied and the cases tapped together. All screwed together its
enough for one day and its left to set overnight. Dawn, and the kick start shaft is fitted, or not in
this case as the giant spring has come off its spigot. Guess what, yes I have to split the cases
again! Well that was easy and now the spring is correct and the kick start works. The Clutch is
next, but as I scroll down the page on the computer there is the fateful word I was hoping not to

WARNING! Remember to fit the push rod before jointing the cases.

 By now I am rapidly becoming an expert on splitting Yamaha engines so despite the annoyance
we split again! Rod fitted join it all back together and go and have a beer, or in this case several.

The rest of the rebuild is fine after gaskets are cut, spacers found and a head bolt helicoiled in.
A new Carb and exhaust system purchased and the now chromed modified frame is back. Assembly
can begin! But I have one large washer left in the tray? More of this later!

The Carb is re-jetted from 150 to 290 and new S Miller, rear and back footrests are fitted. The rest
of the build goes well and I only have to fabricate an exhaust rubber and a final muffler stay to
complete the job.

All completed in 2 days, including the finishing decals, and the test firing is done. A success or so
it would seem at this point and I still am no wiser about that big washer. More test rides and every
now and then the kick start locks up. Not good but after taking the clutch out once more I find
where the mechanic should have put that washer!

The Big Yam takes a local win but I still like “Glitzmobile’s” handling so she will be the 2006
Primary machine.


Arrive on the Friday evening and a complete change from last year as it is dry and we don’t look
like being stuck. Park and level and the duty chin wag with many familiar faces.

  Saturday morning is cool and sunny, with a few clouds, and the prospect of near perfect
conditions for the trial. By now Rich has arrived and our local lad from ASU, Jubal. Fred and Dan
have made it from Wyoming and all the local California riders make up the numbers.

 Off we go for lap 1 and many of the sections look much harder than they are and this is borne
out when all the results are in with 4 of us all on a zero score! This brings the AHRMA old age rule
into force with oldest man wins, so at 59 I take first place with Rich and Dan arguing over 2nd
and 3rd. Well they are both 49 so it now goes to month and the tie continues as they are both
born in May and it is finally decided by the Day! So Dan gets 2nd and Rich has the 3rd. Jubal who
was over the moon with his first ever zero score ends up 4th as he is only 19! You have to feel
sorry for the lad but as it says on my helmet,“Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill”.
His day will come! Beer and burgers are provided for all who pushed us out last year. Then it’s
back to the RV for some stories of yesteryear and yet more beer.

 Day 2, and it’s colder and might just rain. A lot of overnight talk about easy sections, and the
organizers have tightened things up for Sunday. Once again they look harder than they are. No1
goes well as long as you stick to the line but No 2 has some real tricky bits and it is imperative to
stay on the line and have precise throttle control. It starts with a wiggle through some big rocks
then a drop off into a sandy area followed by a step up onto a big flat rock where a 180 turn must
be made, without crossing tracks. Drop back off the rock then line up for a double step to the exit.

Good clean here and on to No  which has potential for disaster everywhere. Enter, turn right, then
left adverse tight uphill turn into a descending right turn to an uphill right turn through a boulder field,
then down again into a left and right  to the exit. Whew!No 4 is a “jewel” all round a huge rock
but relatively simple. No 5 I really like with 2 full lock turns before an uphill gully to the ends card. 6
and 7 don’t cause any problems but require a lot of concentration to stay on the line. No 8 is a real
problem with an uphill turning entry followed by a steep descent into a choice of lines which has me
puzzled for a little while as I eye up the problem adverse turn before the exit. While I’m pondering
choices Rich comes through and takes a line I hadn’t even considered and cleans it beautifully. Well
I’ve seen it but I’m not convinced I can do it! Believe boy, believe!

I take the same line and escape with a clean also. 9 and 10 are “gimme’s” so no problems and a
clean first loop. Clean loop 2 so things are looking pretty good as I clean the first three of the third
loop under darkening skies. Section 4 on the big rock doesn’t need a look as nothing can change
here, but it helps if you switch the brain on before entering the section. As I crest the second ridge
I have no idea where I am going and get completely off line and I’m forced to dab to put the bike
back where I should have been! Now that’s Dumb with a capital “D”. Console myself by cleaning
the rest and see Rich make an awful dab on 9. So it’s 1 a piece and that old age rule comes into
play again.

 3 events done out of the required 7 and now a fairly long wait until the next 2 which are at Donner
Ski Ranch in Ca. Scores now, Me on 3 wins = 60 points, Rich 2 Seconds and a third = 49, and Dan
with a second and third = 29.

Looking Good!

Tony Down with faithful supporter and photographer Brenda

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