The RV now has A/C restored and a new DVD, still waiting on the insta hot, but the alignment is
done so we are in good shape. A pleasant easy drive up 17 and along 40 and we are there in
time to position in daylight. As I’ve volunteered to run a beginners trials school set off to find the
organizers and tell them I’m here. Amazingly its cold and windy and not what I was expecting for
late September.

 Friday morning and eventually the class of 06 is assembled and I run through some basics on
set up, maintenance and some do’s and don’ts. Off to a section and go through how to approach
the problem areas and what line we should be looking for. Having talked it to death lets see if we
can ride it. See all the usual problems, knees too close, death grip on the bars, stiff arms and
white knuckles! As the students relax performance improves and now all they need is throttle
control and we will be closing in on the clean!

 Having sorted out the basics and learning the differences between old and new trials bikes
everyone is improving and we move from the 4 line to the 3. The ducks are lining up and they are
taking to it like water! Now let’s try the 2 line…. Hey that’s my line!!

Yes, it’s a bit more difficult and now we need more precision with the throttle and brakes but
they are getting there. All too soon the class comes to and end and now its time for the checkers
school and some dumb arse demos.

Now its time for the trial and I’m riding regardless of who’s here. We start at Section 3  which last
year was really tricky in soft egg timer sand. However this year a lot of grass has grown on the
bank and it surprisingly firm and an easy ride for a clean. Section 4 has some twists and turns
downhill before an interesting uphill adverse right turn to the exit. Lose a silly dab here so no zero
score today! A little cross country to 5, which is causing all manner of problems to everyone. I take
a dab on the downhill off camber entry, get round the left hander and uphill in the loose shale,
then take another on the tight lefthander which Jim has laid out on level ground (damn I don’t like
these ultra tight turns on the flat) and then take another at the exit for a clumsy three!

 Sections 6 and 7 are continuous and are also causing problems. No 6 starts with a drop into a
gulley and then an awkward step and uphill around a bush. Needs a burst then roll off and let her
pull on idle with body well forward. Around the bush, and a steep descent into the gulley then up
and out uphill to the start of 7. Into 7 and a steep downhill criss cross the gulley, around a tree,
back into the gulley and a tight right hander across the roots and a wriggle uphill to the finish.
Surprise myself by sticking exactly to the plan and line and it goes perfectly for a double clean!

No 8 is close by and is easy enough if you stay on the line. Lost a couple on this one last year,
but today it goes well.

A great run back to the start area and I’m in the mood for a bit of this enduro nonsense. Find No1
where we were practicing with the beginner’s school. Well, I talked and walked a good section so
let’s see if I can ride it. No 2 has some tricky bits but a nice idle turn close to the blue ribbon gives
a perfect line for the clean. Not bad, only 4 on lap 1.

 The second lap goes well cleaning 4 where the dumb dab was replaced with a good clean. 5
went well with the first clean on the 2 line and now I’m 4 better than the last lap. Lose a dab on
6 on the tricky uphill turn but clean the rest and 7 as well. Back to the start and only the single
dab on lap 2.

 The last lap and everything goes well and I clean them all.
Championship wise, I now have 5 wins 2 seconds and the awful 3rd. As it’s scored out of 7 I can
now throw out the 3rd which gives me 132 points. Dan still has 124 so unless he goes to Dickson
and wins both he can’t catch me. Well he could finish with 132 but I have 5 wins and if he won
both at Dickson he would only have 4 wins. Well what about this Rod Villand fellow? He has
always ridden at Dickson and that’s this coming weekend, well if he were to win both he would
have 4 wins a 2nd and a 3rd and with 2 events in his area he could get 6 wins and a second for
136. Better check those results to see how he gets on.

 Results are in, Rod takes a second and another win! So, now he has 3 wins, 2 2nd place finishes
and a 3rd for 105….. very interesting, so if he rides the last 2 events in Alabama and Georgia and
wins both he could finish on 5 wins, and 2 seconds for 132, and if we both finish on 132 its down
to age, and I don’t know how old he is?

Tony Down

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