Dawn over Tucker Ranch

 A bit warmer this morning, and everyone has survived the night. Even warmer outside taking the
dogs for a walk. Those that had been staying locally make their way back and by 1000 we are all
ready to go again. Different Teams today so we will see what happens there. The loop is a lot
shorter and all the sections are closer together today and some of them are challenging as
requested by the 1 line riders.

Starting at section 1 which has some real mud! regrettably not anywhere deep enough for me to
get my teeth into but mud nonetheless. Around some simple banks on the edge of the mud, a
blast up some big rocks for the 1 men while 2 and 3 turn through a rock gully bringing all 3 lines
back together. 3’s and PI’s get a break with a straight ride out while 1 and 2 turn in the mud
before leaping up a difficult rock then turning round a tree to a rocky descent to the ends card.

From what I’m seeing it is an all or nothing sort of section and the problem rock is taking a lot of
marks. The first part goes well enough but I arrive in the mud off line and off balance and by the
time I have it corrected I’m too close to the big rock to attack as I wanted. The bike reluctantly
climbs the rock but I can’t get in position and can’t find anything to dab on and slide over the
back fender landing **** first in the mud for a disappointing 5 !

Not overly happy about that I move to section 2 which is a series of up downs and shouldn’t be
too tricky if the front doesn’t slip away in the loose dirt at the bottom of the downhill. I guess I’m
still smarting over the 5 and take a nervous dab on this one that I should have cleaned easily.

Section 3 nearly cost me a 5 as I hadn’t seen a side turn at the top of the hill which required a
legal line crossing left into ultra tight right. For some reason I take a dab on the left and then have
no problem on the ultra tight right. 3 down and 7 lost already…. not good!

The Ulta Tight Turn on 3

Section 4 is a line critical section and I make this look easy for my first clean of the day. Ever hard
working Evelyn is now checking on 5! Does this Lady ever rest? She was doing sign up just now,
results, awards and everything else!

Line critical on 4

5 I like the look of, a run across some jumbled rocks, tight left turn into an easy twisting uphill, or
a wider turn in more rocks which will make the uphill portion very difficult. I take the tight line and
have a perfect good feeling clean. Fred Martinson, who had a phenominal day, lost one of his
marks here on the wider line.

Fred losing 1 on Section 5……. but he only lost 4 all day!!!!

Super clean, first loop on 5

A small loop ride to 6 which had everyone discussing the Trialsmaster’s intentions. Everyone
eventually rode a line of their choice and despite the tight turns being easier than section 3
another dab is lost for no good reason.

Section 7 has the same turn that gave me a lot of grief last year, so with a bit of clutch I’m going
to turn tighter to get a good run through the rocks and avoid the reversing turn where most of
the marks are being lost. Part 1 goes well but as I try and set up I stall the engine and now I’m
really getting cross with myself.

Borderline on 7! Rich Palmer

Rick Field isn’t riding today but is checking 8 and at last I ride a section the way I intend and it
feels really good. So a ghastly double 5 and a loop total of 13. Time for some thought and try and
rethink some of those errors from loop 1. Saving grace is that my opposition lost 18 on the first
loop so I’m still in with a chance. Maybe it’s harder than I thought.

Clear Winner in MC Exp Dave Lindeman on “that” muddy rock Section1

Mike Wehling manhandling the battery operated Greeves Section1

Rewalk section 1 and now the mark grabbing rock is covered in mud and I’m seeing cleans and
fives one after another. I clout the rock in the first turn and once again I’m off line for the damm
rock and another 5 goes on the card. Same results on 2 and 3 and now this is getting demoralizing
as I’m dropping marks everywhere. Cleans on 4 and 5 again and this is good for the confidence
but drop another on 6 in exactly the same place and on an identical score to the first loop. More
walking of 7 and decide on the wider line which works and I escape with a dab but feel I could
have cleaned it with a bit more effort. Another good ride on 8 completes the loop with a 4 point
better score of 9. My opposition lost 19 on that loop so I now have a 15 point advantage going
out on the last loop.

Showboating on 5

Another perfect clean Section 5 on loop 2

Ryan Lindeman cleans Evelyn’s shoes Section 5

On the “3” line with Darrel Boone

Jim using everything on 5

I’m all set for the first section when Jim Wagner says come and see this. By going a little wider
in the mud there is a steeper but doable line up the rock face with a wriggle past the tree. Well
with a maximum on this section maybe it’s worth a go. Arrive in the mud totally in control, drift
round to the line and up we go, a little showboating for the camera and a clean at last! Boy how
that cheers things up.


A wider approach

Up the Vertical

….and easy round the tree

Stay where I planned and a clean on 2, about time, and now for 3. Still can’t get the left hander
but hey, that’s 6 better than both previous laps. No problems on 4 for the third clean and now
down to 5 which I’ve been riding well. A little off line going through the rock pile but nothing
critical and now look through the tight turn and somehow catch the fork leg on an outcrop which
rips the bars out of my hands and for the second time of the morning I stumble backwards and
down in a pile of rocks cutting hand, elbow and banging my pelvis too boot, and that’s to say
nothing of the bruised ego and pride.

A Classic Cotopaxi photo with snow on the Mountains

The start of the “Ego Bruising” fall Section 5  …….. (say nothing!)

Finally clean 6, again 2 silly dabs lost here but even with the loop errors I’m better by 2 on this
round. Section 7 and I nearly get it but end up with a double dab but I’m through, another clean
on 8 and a loop total of 8 giving 30 for the day and a class win by 22 points. Not my best effort,
some good rides and some awful ones as well. Must practice these ultra tight turns!

Overall 2 more Championship wins so the quest is on. Now to get that Enfield on song and start
into that one.

The way out goes well and the screens keep flicking and captions keep coming on. Inexplicably
as we go past the same area where everything went wrong on the way up (Poncha Springs) it
all reverts to normal, save for the generator, …… but that no doubt will be the subject of another

Great set of Trials, nice photo ….. thanks Brenda

Lots of pictures from this event;


Tony Down

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  • 6/3/2008 8:02 PM Fred Martinson wrote:

    Ask Brenda if its ok to use the
    picture of you turning (second picture), on a t-shirt?
    The Medidine Bow Cup t-shirt

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  • 7/6/2008 11:16 PM Steveo wrote:
    Looks like everyone had a good time,excellent terrain,good photo’s-wish that I could have been there!Tony,the rest of the bikes,in the stable must have their noses out of joint,I don’t recall the last time you were on any of them.Such is a mans love for his special bike,the other girl friends just have to wait.
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  • 7/25/2008 11:17 PM Jose Alvarez wrote:
    Very enjoyable account of Cotopaxi. Although it’s understandable that your pride took a blow after a fall or two, you can’t imagine the number and variety of the spills I took last year. And, while you were doing your level best to give us that Trials School, I almost ran you over in the big boulders! Talk about lack of control.
    I’ve been absent for the first half of the season, due to my wife’s illness with Pneumonia in April, and 2nd bout of it later in the Spring.
    I look forward to Mosteller Cup in August. Best Regards, Jose.
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