Are the Ends Cards up there ?

Sunday morning and a little low cloud obscuring the peaks and although still warm a little cooler than
yesterday. An earlier start and a few extra riders so once again battle commences with the 1 & 2’s on
section 5 down by the garage and everybody else on the difficult No 1.

A few rocks and small brush is getting cleaned out and once again I’m in no rush so observe how it
rides. For the most part it seems simple enough although I did see Bill Brokaw take a dab exploring
my “B” line choice. A simple uphill and ride round the bowl descending through brush and loose rocks,
round a tree and out. All goes well so out on the trail to find 6 & 7 which as yet I haven’t seen.

The trail ride is fun with a lot of fast narrow downhill taking us into the wash. Section 6 starts in the
wash and has a blind left turn in the sand to a gentle uphill and back round the tree and cross the
sandy bottom again. On the far side is a dead tree and rock combo to get through before turning uphill
behind another fir in soft dirt which leads to a double rock crossing and the exit. Clean here so push
on to 7 a little further back down the wash.

Simple entry to 7 for everyone then 2 liners ride along the bank above the wash before an uphill 180
turn in the loose dirt. Another one of those just off idle, stay in balance type turns. No problems here
and it seems most riders are through here unpenalized.

Over the top and back down to the start area for another look at 8 which has had the first half of the
section reversed on the banks but retains the same 3 step exit. Plenty of opportunity to screw up here
so pay attention to the line. Through this one and down to 1 which as I said in the preview was where I
think it will be won and lost on the 2 line.

Keith Wineland takes Ed’s spare bike to an easy overall win 

Bailey Tucker drops down the reversed 1 line entry of 8

Another win for Dave Lindeman in MC Experts

Watching this tricky section for some time I see many riders getting into problems on both the major
hazards. Bob Strohman stalls on the last rock, Bill Brokaw has a giant dab  while others are losing a
dab or two on the first hazard of the twisty downhill. My turn comes along and I’m a shade quick on the
downhill and hit the wall swiping my left boot off the rest, not sure whether the checker thought it was
intentional or not. Perfect line up for the rocks but I’m a little too quick and I’m forced to shut the throttle
as the front wheel is dangerously close to the tape, I hang on a nano second too long and the motor
stops! Brilliant, …. first marks of the day.

Section 2 is a variation on last year but the turns are not so tight and it should ride well. Uphill start in
loose rubble, small right, left jink then into a series of right, left,  rights but all with a bit of banking to
make the line easy. Back down from the top turn across some smooth boulders into a left uphill turn in
loose dirt on a small adverse to the exit. No problems here and on to 3.

Further down the trail Section 3 starts with a series of drop down steps, wide left hander into a rock
gully and right uphill 180 on adverse loose dirt, small recovery zone dropping back down to a few small
rolly rocks before the exit. Good solid clean here and follow the loop up yesterday’s “3” to the top of the
gorge and on to 4.

Section 4 is nearly identical to last year where I had 2 great cleans and then a terrible crunching fall!
Today we are forced wider at the bottom which makes a tighter turn in the loose dirt and rocks near the
exit. First half goes well over the rock jumble and onto the wider rock pile but coming back on the path
I’m a touch slow and forced to take a prod to get over a small rock……. v dumb! All in all 6 marks lost
where with more thought I could have had a clean loop.

Back at 1  Rick Wolff takes a 2 on the last rock outcrop where I had my 5 and many others are in all
kinds of trouble. I creep through the tricky downhill and using my previous line give the Cub a squirt and
she sails over the rocks on the perfect line for a very satisfying clean. Good booster that one! Through 2
and down to 3 where I catch up with Rick who is on his third loop and only on a total of 6. Trials being
trials anything can happen but realistically Rick should only have the tricky 4 and 8 to get home and I
have 13 sections to ride without making any mistakes to tie!

Ryan Lindeman on 3

Mike Wehling airborne on 3, and where did that front end come from?

I follow Rick through 3-8 and he rides well without dropping any more. Section 4 where I had the dab
earlier is easier with a little more power and 5-7 haven’t changed so time for 8 again. All well here and
up the final steps for a clean and a zero loop.

“Battle of the Rigids” with Marty Paulson on 8

Len Sims creeps through 8 for the Class win

John Knapp on 8 for his Class win. Will I still be riding at 77 ?

Steve Doyle with his second win of the season in MC Nov

So now with Rick home on 6 I have to go clean on the last loop to tie and as I have a 5 and he doesn’t I
know I’m ahead on the tie breaker of “most cleans” should I be able to repeat the zero loop. Back to 1
which is now effectively the crunch section as it is by far the hardest. A perfect performance here but as
we all know one mistake can occur anywhere. Rewalk 2, no change and 6 more to go.

3 hasn’t changed and looks good until the gully when the back steps out in the loose adverse and I’m
all over the bike trying to prevent the dab with massive power and upper body movement. A great save,
but it was a “moment”. Repeat performance on 4 so I’m half way home with only 4 to go. Carefully
re-walk the easy sections of 5,6 and 7 and slip through without any wrong doing. Up the hill and back to
the Falls for the last time. The steps can’t change but a quick look at the crumbly bank is a must. Final
checks on the bike, no branches or bits in the chain or anywhere near the brakes, fuel plenty, and on,
a quick circle, double check the gear and in I go. Through the lower pool and up on the grassy bank
and out to the edge for the drop down with light front wheel and engine braking. Line up for the bump
and up and over and into an immediate left drop down turn without brakes until straight……. good…..
now think steps! Into the lower pool, wide turn to the line up point, power, lift, weight forward, up and
out……… done it! Sorry Rick.

The drop down of 8 with light front wheel and engine braking

Power, lift, weight coming forward……………

Another great weekend at Tucker Ranch, what a fantastic family, and the last 2 wins for my Classic
Expert Championship. Dan Straka cemented his Championship and Len Sims didn’t have anyone
spoiling Premier Lightweight and looks set for his Rigid Expert title as well. MC Int as always is
interesting but Bill Brokaw should come through although Bob Strohman will have something to say
at Casper. Mike Buckholz strengthened his chances in MC Expert with another 40 points so this one
could come down to the wire at Casper. Only 1 week to go and all the final jig saw pieces will come

What do you mean its finished ?


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