The new trailer eventually arrives and is as ordered with the exception of the spare wheel
mounting bracket which was made for steel wheels and obviously won’t accept the alloy one with
a different hole layout. Well they fitted it anyway and during transit it has rubbed some big
scratches in the alloy. They know about the problem and will send a new wheel and bracket.

 Also the ride height for the trailer is different so various hitches are tried. What appeared to be
right now needs a little adjustment by about 1 inch. Always something!

 The journey begins with the usual screw up with pay checks failing to make same day delivery,
but eventually all is done, the sled team are loaded and we are on the road. Just after
Wickenburg I remark to Brenda
“Do you know? This is the first time this week I have sat down without water dripping off the end
of my nose or making my eyes sting .”
…… at that point the heavens open and the flying fickle finger of fate points down and off goes the
GENERATOR~!!   …….well whoopeedo! This is going to be fun with no house AC…… pull into the
next truck stop on I40 and check the generator, looks OK , a bit low on coolant and oil so top
those up and try again…. It runs for 5 mins then shuts down with an overheat caption. Take it to
an Onan dealer in Kingman and meet Jim the one toothed mechanic who tells me it has an
overheat caption and he can’t fix it. Ring Cummins in Las Vegas and they are uselessly committal
in we might be able to get to it tomorrow, and that is 10 times better than Cummins Reno who
want us to drop it off and we’ll get to it sometime!!

 Well now we have a real dilemma in the Nevada desert? Let’s review the facts, no house AC,
driver and pax overheating and 4 dogs panting. On the plus side we have plenty of cold drinks,
driver AC and Brenda’s mister. 330 miles to the North is Mina where we know they have 50 amp
and that means nice V COLD AC. Donner should be mid 70’s by day and 40’s at night so we can
survive in the temp zone for 2 days, then we can run back to Mina Sunday night and have lovely
AC before the homecoming ordeal. Decision PUSH ON!

 Arrive in Mina too late to join Billy-Bobs and settle for glorious max AC and some very cold beers.

 Friday morning more fun as the dump valves are sticking and the water leak under the sink is
back, all the fun of RV ing. Make reasonable time and arrive at glorious Donner at lunchtime.

 Friday night and it’s party time (without the generator) and we are killing the batteries but the
show goes on and we enjoy steaks (Costco) until the fridge starts shutting down as the lights are
draining the ship. Bed without problems but come Saturday morning we have to start the bus to
charge the batteries. For some reason 2 groups find this more than they can bear and become
unglued and downright rude. Brenda invites them to rearrange a short sentence involving sex and
travel and they change their location with lots of horn blowing and bad tempers.

 A great turnout with about 60 riders and Day 1 has us to the right of the lodge on the Donner
lake side. As always a lot of the sections look harder than they ride and scores are normally on
the low side.

Top & Bottom Section1

Fred getting to grips with Section1

 Section 1 has an awkward turn on a rock outcrop and then a descent through some rocks to a
left turn before bouncing up a step and up through more rocks to the exit. All goes well here until
observer says I went the wrong way. I explain that the area in question is not gated even though
you can see the organizers intention. Section 2 has some tricky bits but again rides easier than it
looks. Section3 on the other hand has a choice of lines just after the start and neither are gimmees
I elect to take the direct line across the adverse in the loose and it works.

On the Exit Section4

4 has some water and could cause problems at the exit if you got off line. Section 5 had me looking
for problems that didn’t exist and was definitely a gimmee. 6 on the other hand did require an
element of skill to negotiate but no problems for Sage and Steed. 7 was again simple and 8 should
have been cleaned by the entire entry. Finally 9 had an easy downhill wander but finished with a
tricky exit but didn’t cause any problems for yours truly but I did see quite a lot of marks lost while
I was walking it.

So I finish loop 1 on Zero and set off on Loop 2. Only sections requiring attention are 1,2,3,6 and
9. No1 rides the same as does 2 but 3 now has only 1 line after the start so elect to take the extra
turn and that works well so over to 4 which has filled with more water and is getting deep. The rest
follow the plan and cause no problems. So 2 loops complete and a zero score but so has Nick
Turner who is also riding well. Out for the final loop and through 1&2 without problems so time to
look at 3. It is now back to 2 lines again and is a toss up so I take the second loop line but the front
wheel crabs in the soft sand and has to be rescued with a dab. Through 4,5,6 and 7 without penalty
and now I find Nick checking at 8 and looking very pleased with himself, and yes, he has the clean

Day 1 Nick on zero and me on 1. First time he has ever beaten me, but must be gracious in defeat
.. second SUCKS!!!

Day 1 after dinner in the other RV, and a nighttime visit from Jim and Rich in low light. Brenda now
knows how to cook, shop at Costco and take photographs, so she has had a wonderful day with
her new friend!


Another opening section behind the lodge with a few loose and rolling rocks but start with a good
clean and the game is on. Section 2 has Brenda’s other friend (stop that engine!) checking so I’d
better get this right. Over to 3, and very similar to last year, a couple of minor problem areas but not
too hard. Back to the bike, start up ride round and into the section, over the first log and then
checker steps in front of me and grabs my handlebars???

“I’m in charge here” he says “and I didn’t tell you to start” %^&*#$%^!!

Well that’s a first and I cruise round fuming and eventually get clearance to ride but my mind is still
in disbelief and take a dumb dab on the only problem bump.

Pitor trying hard Section 3

Rich on the Big Montesa Section 4/5

 4 & 5 are continuous with an awkward exit on the 2 line. All well in 4 but on the changeover I went
too far into the turn and another dab was lost but a fine ride through the exit Hmmm, 2 lost in 5
sections, hope this is not the way it’s going to go.

Jim Wagner on the easy bit of 6

The loose uphill turn on 6

Section 6 has some tight turns in the loose and a very crumbly adverse hill exit. The bike slides
with the hill but I keep control and escape with a clean. 7 has problems all over with tricky turns,
line ups and steps but the Steed just glides through and I’m feeling good. No8 is the gimmee of
the round and 9 has a wander over a rock outcrop before descending into an uphill jumble of firm

The AZ Trio discuss tactics

 Loop 2 and the minor problem in 3 has gone and a better line through 4/5 results in a clean loop
and then same again on the third loop for a grand total of 2, and today Nick has lost 3 so the
tables are turned. Honor is satisfied but I should have had 2 wins here if I want to beat the Ginder!

Fred with the Fruits of Success

Jim (I don’t drink) Wagner, 2nd Day1

The way home goes as expected with an easy run to Mina and back to full AC. The bar was similar
to last year although more teeth were seen! The run back to Phoenix was as miserable as planned
but we made it in good time for some refreshing beverages. More RV work to be done, one day we
will have a trouble free run and Hell will freeze over!

So with the RV away for a little work and the generator now repaired (broken fan belt)…. Replaced
under warranty??? The trailer replacement parts arrive and fall into the joke category. The new
wheel is fine but the bracket, which is the same as the current one, can only be described as an
apprentice Friday afternoon lash up. You can imagine the instructor giving the buffoon the

“First weld the bracket onto the plate like this, note the neat welds, next put 2 coach bolts in the
same distance as the holes in the wheel, add on the locking plate then bend the bracket to be
equidistant on the plate and weld. If you make a mess use the grinder to sand off the excess….
Then finally paint it and pack it up in that box using the shredded packing paper in that box….. any

Sounds reasonable until you see the monstrosity; the bracket is bent, the bolts are not parallel,
it doesn’t fit the wheel! And the mounting plate is not even drilled??

Well if that wasn’t enough when I unpacked it the shredded paper was all stuck on the bracket
along with all the dust. Easy to see why as dumbarse had spray painted it (the wire hangers are
still attached) and then packed it wet and emptied the contents, including dust, into the box…..
no body said to let it dry!  Again they have promised to send the correct one but I have my
doubts. Only other things to do on trailer are more tie downs and adjust the tow height.

 Back in the workshop Brenda’s 125 still gives problems and the main bearings are shot in baby
glitz. But, but, but if you want a laugh we always have the Enfield to amuse and delight. After 3
months waiting for all the specialized parts from Spartan I now have an expensive collection of
bits that don’t quite fit, but boy are they beautifully engineered or what?

Tony Down with Photographer Brenda and 4 Dogs!

Check out Brenda’s web site www.trialsphoto.com

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