Trialsmaster advises caution on 2….RiVETT!

A lovely bright sunny morning and quite warm compared to the miserable weather earlier in the
week. We are looking for an early start as the motor crossers need to get their practice in around
noon. Having seen the loop yesterday I’m planning on riding BOTH the Cub in Classic Exp and the
RE in Prem Heavyweight Int, of course this is going to be a rush whichever way you look at it trying
to get 6 loops done in the same time everyone else is doing 3. All LEGAL under AHRMA rule 13.3
para e.

Rushing on, Loop 1 on the Cub

The big problem will be making sure I give enough attention to detail and not missing any
markers. 0930 and away I go on the Cub. Another quick walk of the first section, just in case, and
in I go, simple left hander, little jink through the trees into a tighter left then reverse quickly into
a wider right, up and over a pile of brush and logs and out to the exit. First clean of the day, over
to 2 which is in the water but no checker so on to 3 which is dry, and has an adverse climb onto
the bank before dropping back to the lower level, around a flag and then up the bank to the exit.
Clean here so over to 4.

“Always the Bridesmaid” 3 second place finishes this year for Anthony King, a WIN soon?

The Lindemans tackle “that log” in Section 2

Like Father, like Son      Ryan on “that log”

Section 4 was my favorite last year in deep mud but today it’s dry and relatively easy. Drop in,
ease over the muddy area, wall of death bank, then drop back in and a squirt up the bank to the
exit. Another clean and now back to 2 where Neil is checking. Follow the natural line then keep it
straight with a bit of “on and off” on the throttle to the exit. 4 down in 10 mins and 4 cleans.

“DIVE DIVE DIVE!” MC Int Winner, Dan Straka  in the swamp 

Fred blasts through

Round the loop to 5 which is potentially the hardest with some log crossings which seem harder
on the 2 line than the 1. Seems a bit like “show jumping” with all the line ups for the “fences” but
the Cub clears them all for zero faults.

Section 6 looks like fun with some man made obstacles, a run around the edge of a big mound,
then turn to line up and up an over the 10 foot mound before a gated entry into a rock pile and
ride to the exit.

At 7 we have a whole load of irrigation pipes to get through and after watching some variations
of, how to, and how not to, I rush in and having got to the turn line up and sail the front over the
pipe but as I turn the back wheel spins on the pipe and I high side for a very undignified 5 !

Still fuming over not paying enough attention I arrive at 8 and now I need to think the exit as the
first portion looks easy enough with some turns through the trees before a wall of death turn in
loose dirt descending to cross one ditch into another. Ride the ditch, climb onto the bank then
cross over again before a tight turn to the exit. This ditch could easily break down with the
passage of riders but right now it’s in it’s virgin state so take the least likely 5 route and wriggle
through with a safety dab.

No 9 is like 2 sections in 1 with a series of up and downs around two big trees then 3 crossings
of the ditches again. That completes the loop for 6 and it’s taken me 45 minutes.

Somewhere through here?  Section 1

Tom Maddux in the brush Section 1

Going Down!

Loop 2 and clean through the first 4, another good clean on 5 which is taking a lot of marks,
through 6 without penalty and now try and do better on the pipes. Same line and take a “safety”
which in truth I didn’t need and then take another trying too hard to make a turn.  Clean the rest
and out on loop 3.

The only problem sections are 5 and 7 so time to take a bit more care on this last loop. 5 goes
well again so now another look at 7 …… and then I see it! A turn I have been making isn’t
required as there is no outside gate! and the problem pipe that has taken me for 7 can be
avoided with a different approach. Sure enough I ride it for a very easy clean! I wish I had seen
this earlier. Well a clean loop. Time to change from the Cub and the 2 line and see what the
Enfield can do on the PI line.


The PI line seems to be mainly 3 and Section 1 is no problem so the FIRST EVER CLEAN on the
Enfield. Section 2 in the water and mud is a little deeper on this line but the old girl plows through.

This is what I came for! Section 2, and it’s deeper

Section 3 has a gate on the adverse and with the high ground clearance I don’t touch a thing.
4 has us back on the 2 line and although a good 100 lbs heavier than the Cub I’m through.
Section 5 is maybe the biggest challenge trying to hump the beast through a hard 2 line.
However it amazes me and just climbs over all the logs on idle power from less than ideal arrival

Chuffing up the bank Section 3

Section 6 comes in front of the mound and then has a gate onto a wide builders plank, very
easy to ride off the plank and cross the tape for the 5. This looks very familiar to the MSF basic
rider course clutch control lanes and what I always teach is “head and eyes UP” concentrate on
something ahead or you will feed in a lot of unrequired steering commands.  Through for the
clean, a much easier line on 7 which the RE makes nothing of and over to see the new lines on
8 and 9. Both good and a clean loop.

Loop 2 and it climbs the logs again and sails along the problem plank and another clean loop
and I’m quite enjoying this machine.

The entry to 4

Through the Mud Hole

……..and round the “Wall of Death”

With 45 mins left I set off on my last loop and the sixth of the morning! A completely incident free
ride and after 5 & 6 it was plain sailing for a third clean loop and a virgin card for the event. So
now the Enfield can hold it’s head high as so far it has not lost a point in competition.

What a lovely day

……. and to add to a perfect day of 2 class wins my team easily wins the team competition with
me on 8 from the Cub ride and Ed Peacock coming home on 9 as the Int rider and our chosen
Novice of Forrest Bault winning his division on 5. Forrest is looking good for a National
Championship with 2 wins and a second, a lot of natural talent there.

The way home goes without incident and all is well on arrival Monday lunchtime.

If you rode it YOU will be on FILM!             www.trialsphoto.com

Tony & Brenda with a sled team of dogs

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