Finally under way
After 3 attempts with the metal polish I finally get all the “DD” brown bayou stains off the alloy
and the Cub is ready for battle once more at the next event of Perris. All the usual pre departure
checks are done including a generator service on the Starship, which goes well until on the
homeward run the the driver’s sun visor drops off it’s mountings will an almighty crash!

Another RV surprize!

Are we ready yet ?

After a very unusal busy week I’m all prepped and ready to go on Friday morning. Brenda isn’t
quite so ready as her schedule was interrupted earlier in the week but finally we up anchor and
set sail at 1230 just 30 mins behind time. The Captain explains that the weather is good and we
should have a pleasant flight and our ETA, barring any holdups at Riverside, should be 1830.
Mr Zulu puts in the destination, the route is calculated and the Captain says “make it so”.

I wonder where this is ?

Hammering down I 10 all is well and I see a 18 wheeler pulling on the free way from the joining
ramp, I ease over and allow him to enter and accelerate, as I pass him and I’m about 20 feet
from his tail, 2 of his truck tires explode throwing huge pieces on tire all over the road…….
fortunately not one piece hit the bus but I think the people behind were not quite so lucky. No
traffic jams in CA and apart from the lunatic driving we arrive on our planned ETA.

Perris Friday night

The hardest part is getting into the site with a 60 foot rig as they have placed two enormous
boulders right in the perfect spot to sideswipe the trailer or take out the front after you get
through the gate. We make it and handover $90 which I feel is a bit of a rip off for just parking
for 2 nights with no services whatsoever!

Established for 2 days

Eventually find Earl Burrows in the gloom who tells me they have found 5 sections and put the
ribbons up. True that was all that was done and now Rob and Debbie are both racing motocross
on Saturday. Earl and I will meet at 0900 and go and find 4 more sections and do the route

0900 and now Earl and I are waiting for a driver for the mule (insurance reasons). 1000 we have
the driver, and the mule but no keys! 1030 and at last we can set off. We are up on the hillside
above the race track and here the terrain has changed quite a bit thanks to some “rock crawling”
competition, difficult to say whether its better or worse but still some good terrain to lay out in
and without too much difficulty we find a tricky little fellow to be our number 6.

The End of 9 with Earl and our Mexican helper

Section 7 is a nice natural up down up affair finishing for 1 and 2 men with a ride over a big rock
with a crumbly ledge approach. 8 & 9 we decide to make continuous up and around the Monster
Board and this develops into a really good section. The route back takes a bit of thought to keep
everyone out of the motor cross track but again it will work.

The start of 8 with the 9 cards at the top of the hill “The Monster”

With our 4 new sections complete time to go and peg 1-5 which doesn’t take too much time and
by 1530 we are all wrapped up with 9 sections complete and the very short route marking in place.
Time for some lunch then out again to just follow the course acting as though I had no idea where
we were going. Get to section 1 and find both the red and blue tapes broken! OK, tie up the tapes
again and then some kid comes flying through the setion on a monoshock. I point out the error of
his ways, and explain that these areas are laid out for “our” competition and it is a no riding rule
until the competition begins and that if I see him anywhere near the sections I will take the bike
away from him. Section 2 has suffered the same fate, as has 3, but the tapes are retied and all the
others are undisturbed. Rob Poole goes out and changes a few markers on the earlier sections
just to get them the way he wanted and we are done! Let the drinking commence.

Jim Crain and his brother-in-law

Party time in the bus and then a good sleep without being woken by noisey moto cross bikes at
0530, maybe that’s just at DD’s ?

Tony Down with Brenda and the pack.

Don’t forget all those “Scottish” stories in ARCHIVES it’s that time of the year.

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