Perris Section 4

 Sunday morning and some early morning low cloud drifting in but pleasant and no wind.
Everything goes to plan, the sign up is quick and simple, the rider’s meet on time and we start
without any delays, what more could you ask for? One word answer here SUPPORT. A lot of
people put a lot of effort and time into running these events for others and it is always
dissapointing to see a low turnout even in these times of ridiculously high fuel prices.

So 18 riders enter the fray with another 2 or 3 taking their 20 points for checking in their
respective classes. Off we go to section 1 and I’m pleased to see that the wayward rider from
yesterday did not come back and all my retied tapes are still in place. This section has a simple
run up a cleft between the rocks with one liners just riding the rock itself before coming onto a
gritty plateau. 1 goes back over the rock while 2 and 3 have a groove to ride down. A gentle right
hand turn brings us back to the plateau before a big outcrop for 1 and 2 with 3 going round it for
a downhill in the loose and a turnback to the ends card. All’s well for your truly here, and a nice
trouble free clean, I actually had more problems walking it!

Section 2, I’m nearly ready to ride, when I realise there is a much simpler line than the one I had
planned on.  Basically it’s a big, big rock and we are crossing over it then coming back from the
other side with a series of turns. I try the newer line and it goes well setting me up for the wall of
death over the second rock and then into a left, right,  left and back over the big rock to the exit.
Another nicely executed clean.

Section 3 and Earl Burrows is checking this one. 4’s have a straight ride through, 3’s a difficult
adverse uphill which looks like a mark grabber but then an easy ride to the exit. The 2 line has a
few problems with a soft uphill into a left turn, crossing and trying not to get the back wheel in a
soft sand gully, then a right turn on hard ground if tight, or soft sand if wide, before a run down
to an up an over rock just before the exit. 1 liners go around the base of the hill to a pretty nasty
uphill and then an adverse descent to the exit. My plan goes well and I’m in good shape to take
the wider turn on the top and all goes well for clean number 3.

2nd Gear attack on section 4

Section 4 looks like the “gimmee” and consists of an uphill blast with a little turn at the exit.
Second gear here and another easy clean. I can’t see many marks being lost here although I did
hear Rob Poole say he should have put another couple of splits in.

Section 5 looks fine with various lines either side of a rock, this should ride well unless some of
the rocks get rotovated! Another clean here.

Entering the Sweeper on 6

Section 6 is quite difficult with a “S” turn on the hill between several rock outcrops with lots of
loose crumbly granite. To my eye after the first turn it’s drop back down to the bottom and take
the wide sweeper turn with a gentle increase in power. It all goes to plan but I have to work for
grip on the sweeper and I’m all over the bike but I make it for a satisfying clean. Hmm, 6 out of 6,
things seem to be going well this morning.

A lot of “bodywork” looking for grip on 6

Section 7 with Jim Crain’s wife and her brother checking. This is a great “natural” section and the
lines are just right for all abilities. 1 liners have a nasty drop and turn after the entry and then
join the 2 line to finish going up a big rock with a narrow, but rideable ledge. 6 inches further over
and the rear wheel will slide away to certain DOOM!

Getting up on the Ledge at 7

My line is perfect and it rides very well if you stick to the plan but I do see other riders getting into
all sorts of trouble.

Off the Ledge and over the Rock on 7

Sections 8 & 9 are continuous up and around a giant slab rock with the “Monster” sign close to
the start. I’m told one of our lady riders in the MC Beginers class rode into the sign!! Rick Wolf and
Wade are checking here and we are close to the moto cross top straight so riding this will be a
good test of concentration as the moto’s hammer past WFO!

It goes where YOU look! … and yes, she HIT it head on!!

The start is on a large dirt mound but really needs a run up to get organized, a couple of turns
through some rocks before dropping into a loose dirt and rock gorge to take us up to a couple of
“sting in the tail” turns before the exit of 8 and start of 9. The 1 liners have a little detour into some
rocks before rejoining the main path while 2 and 3 follow a loose dirt filled groove back down the
hill before the last left turns to the exit.

Rich Palmer on the 1 Line detour Section 9

I elect to run the front high round the first turns and this puts me on a good line for the loose
uphill which takes a bit of wiggling but I get up and out for the clean. Soft braking in the loose
downhill goes well and now the last turn with a bit of thought to position the front where it needs
to be and I’m through for a double and a clean first loop!

The first turn on 8

A narrow ledge takes the event back along the top of the moto cross track and below sections
6-9 and then back to the pits. A quick break and out for loop 2. 1 rides the same with no change
and I see a new line on 2 as the 1 line riders have persuaded the checker that a marker must
have been from a “previous” event??? This means that you can now dispense with the last left,
right, left set of turns if you are brave or skillful enough to ride straight up the big rock. I see Rich
Palmer, who was really riding well, take the challenge and the little Yam makes nothing of it. I
follow suit and it also goes well.

At section 3 I must have turned a micro second early at the top of the hill and the back wheel
slipped into the groove throwing the front towards the gate card which I nudged with my boot
and in the bullet hard ground the flag, which was difficult to anchor, fell over ****! I got my “5”
and this was similar to watching Len Sims do exactly the same thing on Section1. He got away
with a dab after I told the checker that sometimes you just can’t get the stakes in far enough.

Cleans on 4, 5, and another great ride on 6 for another satisfying hard work clean. 7 has
obviously had a lot of problems and the ledge towards the exit shows all the wheelmarks of
certain fives! I nearly make it but take a “safety” dab to avoid the slip away 5. No problems on
8, but I had to  work for it, and another clean on 9 for an annoying loop total of 6.

Coming onto the “Critical Ledge” section 7

Loop 3, and sail through 1 and 2 and take a good look at Earl’s problem child. Perfect line this
time with a bit of work at the top for the clean. Clean on 4, and didn’t look at 5 so sail in but on
the final turn the rock group I had initially been worried about has indeed been rotovated! Sure
enough the wheel slips and another dab goes out the window.

Great action on 8

John Hart on the 2 line at the bottom of 8

Forrest Bault taking his first win in MC novice

You know who

Dick Mann shows how with a lot of “body English”

A great ride from Trialsmaster Rob Poole on the Ariel

Nearing the top of 8

A very pleasing third clean on the Mann’s section 6, and time to rewalk that awkward 7. Looks
like the ledge is just a little wider than last time. Make the ledge spot on and through for the
clean. Not much change on 8 and 9, and they ride well for a double clean to give a third loop total
of 1. Overall the low score of the day and the only clean loop on any line. A class win for me in
Classic (about time!) a great win for Rich in MC Exp with a 20 point margin, Randy Ressel rode
well for MC Int and young Forrest Bault, who towed his Montesa behind his Suzuki GS all the
way from Oregon, taking MC Nov. Rob Poole had a great ride on the big Ariel losing 11 and only
1 on the last loop.

The Spoils of Victory

Tony Down

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