Another glorious mountain morning, no more o’night arrivals but I’ll stick with my prediction of 35-40
entries. The scene is set, let battle commence! Len Sims will no doubt persist using this dumbarse
rule and enter every class. For my part I can neither afford it and I don’t wish to ruin Derek’s weekend
and I have hopefully made my point at Milliken.

36 entries today but not enough checkers so the game plan is to run the 3,4 and PI riders this morning
and we will check for them and then 1 and 2 can whistle round this afternoon before the pot luck
bar-b-q. I took the opportunity to do a little photography myself for the morning riders.

Marks were being lost everywhere and in particular section 4 had a nasty tight turn dropping off a ledge
for the 3 liners with PI’s having a slightly easier time of it.

A tight line on the lower turn from Dan Straka

Great Bultaco restoration, Goggles ?

Most improved rider from last year, Zach Woodward

Good line from Fred on Section 4

Jimmy Allison on the “Margarita Drip” in Section 4

John Dowson on the hard 3 line in 4.

Section 6 had a daunting adverse across the grippy local rock but a lot of 3 liners were not that
confident with Mister Dunlop’s ability to stayed glued to the surface. PI men had a tight turn around a
stump just after the start and this got pretty badly chewed up with people taking too low a line.Had they
waited a little while Tony Hagger used the Royal Triumph as a stump puller and removed the entire

Tony Hagger rounds the stump….. this time!

Jimmy in a spot of bother on “Hagger’s Stump”
As the morning progressed it was obvious that things were not too easy out there with Fred Martinson
coming home on 11 points to Jimmy Allison’s 18 in Prem Lightweight. Dan Straka slipped round for
1 point on the Stealth Cub losing a dab on section 4 when she nearly died. John Dowson had an easy
win and great ride for just 2 points in MC Novice. Does seem, having observed the morning efforts
that a good number of our members would benefit from a 2 day trials school as many marks were lost
due to poor planning on line and hazard negotiation.

Green = Begin !

Well now its my turn! We all set off for Section 1 which is in a dry wash with sand and lots of
unpredictable rolly rocks. First left hand turn in soft sand then cross some firm rocks to the blue tape to
cross the center of the wash and its rocks before dropping into a tricky rock hole and then through a
rock jumble to the exit. A few nerves and a squirrely ride through for a clean but I’m not relaxed yet.

Over to 2 where we are again in and out of a sandy bottom wash with a climb up around some rocks
and a bush before dropping back down into the wash for a tight right, left sequence. Again still a bit
rigid and lower in the wash than I planned but a good recovery for the clean.

Jimmy and John have section 3 and for the most part it is fairly simple following some hard solid rock
until the downhill exit which requires perfect placement of the front wheel on the rock sides to keep the
back wheel in the groove. A few nasty crashes here with Eugene Waggoner collecting 11 points on his
3 attempts.

Back to the pits area with Fred on Section 4. This has the quick right left turn coming uphill onto the
step and then both 1 and 2 go straight on up the bank to enter a right left sequence. I have my “key”
rocks lined up and the Cub makes easy work of it.

Bottom of Section 4

Section 5 has a long lazy left hand uphill on the pumice rock then drive over a rock pile and aim out to
the red tape to pick up a relatively easy but steep downhill.

Bill Brokaw on the long lazy uphill of 5

Mike Buckholz on the downhill of 5

Top of the Drop Section 5

Bob Strohman still looking for that Win in MC Int

Section 6 for my money has the greatest potential for mistakes with a solid step shortly after the start
followed by a wide left hand uphill in rolly rubble before lining up for a 4′ step, which is line critical,
before going on and up through solid and loose rock into a right hand adverse prior to the downhill run
for the exit. Wolfy has an unpleasant 5 here turning in too tight for the big step. The Cub makes it and
all is well.

Up the big step of 6

In the upper reaches of 6

Round to 7 where the chewed up portion by “Hagger’s stump” is now getting smoothed out and not
looking quite so bad. Derek Belvoir rockets the big Velo round the stump and goes high up the adverse
but she drops back onto line with a jolt and no loss of marks. My plan is not quite so high then pick up
the lazy left hand rubble track to line up on the gorge which takes us up to the top before climbing out
and round a fir tree to the simple downhill run. Another nice clean in the book

Derek Belvoir drops back on line after a very high entry in 7

A lower entry in 7

Over at 8 the 2 line seems to be the AHRMA “gimmee” of the day with a simple entry up a groove and
over a big round rock before dropping down for a “in and out of the ditch” set up and run down to the
finish. 1 hour gone and a clean loop. wonder how Len is getting on?

Second loop and sections 1 through 3  are all better more confident and relaxed rides this time.
A quick walk of 4 once more as there were some rocks that could easily have been rotovated out of the
bank. Fred tells me that the bottom turn is catching a lot of people. I didn’t see a problem the first time
so stick with the original plan and another clean.

No problems for me on 4

Ron Pocher at the top of 4 for a fine win in MC Int

Section 5 being a solid rock outcrop can’t change so glide through here. 6 on the other hand had loads
of loose rocks and rubble around the blind turn before the step so worth another walk. Not much change
on 7 and 8 should be easy if I just do the same thing. Another clean loop!

Out for the last go around and I know how tricky 1 can be. Watch Mike Buckholz make the 1 line look
easy with the side to side crossings and tight turns and now take a lot of care not to make any silly
mistakes. All’s well and only 7 to go. Section 2 seems to be breaking up on the last turn but the sand
looks moist so shouldn’t dig in. See Mike lose a 2 on this very tricky section but a great ride
nonetheless. Out of here and the last precision ride through the exit of 3 goes well. One more look at
4, just in case, but another easy clean and 5 goes the same way. Walk 6 for the last time and creep
through for another safe clean. Realistically just 7 to concentrate on for the first turn and then the
groove. All goes to plan and over to 8 where I would really be cross if I lost a mark here. Another clean
loop and a clean card for the day which with my 4 year age advantage gives it to me even if Len has
equalled my ride.

The drop down exit from 7 for the last time

Back at the start it seems Len lost a 2 on Section 3 getting cross threaded on the exit on his second
loop and then losing 2 more somewhere on the third loop. In MC Exp its been a needle match
competition with Dave Lindeman on 10, Ralph Foster on 11 and Mike taking third on 12. Mike is
planning a comeback tomorrow! Derek plowed round on 8 in Heavyweight and in MC Int it was a
fierce competition with winner  Ron Pocher on 2 and Bill Brokaw back on form on 3.

Dave Lindeman exits 5 en route to a MC Exp win

The pot luck BBQ went down well with everybody after a great day’s trials riding in a perfect setting.
Being Turkey Rock Brenda’s offering was a full roasted bird and faster than you can say
“gobble gobble ” it was gone!

She’s cooking what???   I’m out of here!


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