Another beautiful morning at 7000′ with a bit of wind. 1000 start today and a few extra riders should be
arriving to swell the numbers. Mike Buckholz has changed to a different needle and claims the bike is
now perfect so Dave and Ralph had better watch out! I’m sure Len will be looking for revenge as well
and that MC Int class has 5 potential winners all looking to turn the tables from yesterday.

With Rick Fields, Hugh Campbell and Steve Doyle all arriving we must be around the 40 mark which is
a good turnout for a new venue and holds a lot of promise for the future. E&E have been working on
this permit for 2 years and with all the debris clean up work that has been done by the trials riders I’m
sure BLM are very impressed.

Start time comes and 1 and 2’s are starting at section 1 which is another wash section with a mixture
of rocks and soft sand. I must have spent 30 mins watching this one. The rock portion is unlikely to
change but the sandy bits could go either way. 1 liners take on a second bite at more rocks. The top
riders are reduced to a shambles in the midst of the second turn and this could be where its won and
lost. I see Eugene slip through for a dab and then Len comes to a grinding step off 5 in the rocks. Ed
drives through with perfect balance and power for the first clean of the day. My turn comes and the
rocks and first turn go well and I’m looking good until the final turn where I don’t get the weight right
as the power comes on and a silly dab is taken on the bank. Oh well, the run of clean cards has
come to an end!

Section 2 is a two part affair with a series of climbs and side hugging adverses on the pumice rock
leading up to a full 90 turn onto a rubble downhill path with a drop off at the exit. Not too challenging
and a fun clean. 3 takes us round a wall of death ride on the pumice then bounce over a few rocks and
soft dirt before an uphill turn and a wiggle through some more pumice outcrops and down another
rubble filled exit run. No problems here and over to 4 which doesn’t really have any meat to it yet it did
manage to grab some marks! Ed, who was riding well, and clean at this stage panicked on the uphill
top turn for a stumbly 3 !

Now we come to 5 which on the face of it looked incredibly simple and in my opinion didn’t seem to
offer much by way of a test. Well just how wrong can you be ……… whizzed through and collected a 5
for missing a split ! Well even with the split it wasn’t a hard section but an annoying 5 for doing
something that dumb really blows the mind. Remembering “it’s never over until the fat lady sings” try
and put this behind me.

Oh C***!    the look in the bush says it all  ……..FIVE!

6, which is up there in difficulty, with an awkward entry on the adverse pumice then drop down into
a multiple choice of up lines onto a big pumice slab and slip off onto a twisty track to the crest. From
there a few up and overs in the rocks to the exit. I like two lines but I’m undecided as to which is the
best. Eventually elect to take the steeper choice and the Cub sails up and over but I have my weight
wrong as I drop onto the track and while adjusting I’m too slow and manage to stall the motor! BH !!
I’m giving this to Len with my own stupidity. Two consecutive 5’s and I should have cleaned both!!

nice line up…….. and then I stalled it !

Regroup, Rethink, and Relax! 7 has a nice trundle up the hill to cross some roots and rocks behind a
tree, then meander through some rubble before a little left right jink and steep drop off down the
pumice. Clean at last, so over to 8 which is an uphill blind path leading to a rock pile crossing  then
some jinks through the pumice finishing with a tricky right hand uphill gate in some loose dirt. Nice line
and a good pleasing clean.

Len in trouble on the low line at 6

Eugene starts paddling in 6

Back at the start all kinds of stories are in and things are not quite as bad as I thought. Len also had
a 5 on section 6 where I stalled claiming someone had switched his choke on? Eugene had lost a 3
as well on 6 and then managed to get into neutral just before the descent on 7 and in the surprise
shot down the hill too fast and missed the end gate for a 5. So in my class we had Eugene on 9, Len
on 10 and yours truly on 11.  MC Exp has Ralph on 3, Dave Lindeman on 5 and Mike on 8 after also
missing a gate.

Mike up the steep line on the  Suz- Samaha-DMW

Turning the tables today Ralph sets up to win MC Exp

Determined attack from Dave Lindeman

Second loop and back at 1 things are much the same but the final bank is grabbing a few marks and
I see Dan Straka lose one of his 3 for the day on the exit. The first turn rides as well as my previous
attempt and I set up perfectly for the exit which goes spot on plan and gets a big round of applause
from the crowd. No problems through 2,3, and 4 so back to 5 where I missed the split but even going
the right way its still an AHRMA “gimmee”.

The correct way on 5 for a easy clean…..dumb, dumb, dumb!

6 is where I stalled so lets sort this out as although tricky its not that bad. This time I take a lower line
on the big slab and power through for an easy clean. No change on 7 and 8 so a clean card for loop 2.
See Eugene back at the start table and get the impression he has finished already. Unfortunately he
had retired having smashed his hand into the rock wall on the first turn of 1. The back of his hand was
pretty badly cut so he wisely quit riding at this point. Len had lost 3 on his second loop, as I now see
from Brenda’s pictures.

Second go at 6 from the lower line

Back out for the last loop and another good clean on 1 and then clean all the way back through 5.
Section 6 is the only real challenge left so re-walk it and this time having tried both lines elect to go for
the steeper of the two. Much better control so now catch up with Len who has been hanging around
(wonder why?). Seems he has lost another 9 already on this loop so he is out on 22 to my 11.

6 again using the steeper approach

Clean through 7 again and back to 8 which has had a few rocks sliding around but hasn’t altered the
section or the way it will ride. See Ron Pocher ride it nicely then Len cleans it along with myself and
Ed. Another clean loop to finish the day on 11. Should have been a single dab apart from the 2 dumb

Hugh slips through 6 on the PI line

4 rides and 4 wins in MC Nov for John Dowson…..Title maybe ?

Jimmy still on “the drip” exiting 5

I think that Len has been on the “stats” and come to the conclusion that as I have 5 wins in the class
of the required 7 he can’t win even if he gets level as he is 4 years younger! Well he can walk away
with Prem Lightweight even if he hasn’t actually ridden the class and soon he will be switching
horses as he still wants to win Rigid Expert. I too, must get the big banger out of hibernation and take
on Rob, Derek and Shane over at Donner as I can’t afford to let them notch up too many wins as this
one I can’t win on age with Derek in there on 3 wins already. A lot of “Food for thought”.

With all the results in MC Exp has Ralph winning on 7 from Dave on 8. Ron Pocher cleans up 2 days
with another win in MC Int on just 2. John Dowson takes his fourth win of the season with 5 marks lost.
Fred has an easier time losing 4 to Hugh’s 18, while Dan secures his second win with 3 marks lost.

“Ride’m cowboy!”   spirited attack from young Ty Lindeman

Awards over from a great weekend time to get on the road as we have a ton of work to do at Cozy.
It looks like rain but somehow we manage to avoid it all and finally crest the summit of Poncha Pass
where it is now blowing a gale. At some stage in the 40+ mph winds the main awning decides to
come loose and deploys like a F4 brake chute……….. so fighting the sudden drag on one side of the
Starship we come to a halt with the tattered awning billowing in the wind. Reminiscent of a Robin
Williams scene from the film “RV” so without further ado the mainsail is ripped from the mast and
stowed in the lower holds.

“Don’t you dare, my hair is a mess”

The rest of the journey was without incident and we arrived home a little before 8 and now we have
to prep the coach for some guests who arrive tomorrow lunchtime. Next major outing will be one
of my favourites at Donner Ski Ranch in mid July.


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  • 6/9/2009 10:53 AM Ron Pocher wrote:
    Tony & Brenda,
    It is quite impressive and (I would hope) greatly appreciated that you two take the time to chronicle your adventures. I’m sure seeing a new posting is always a treat for any trials fan and even more so for the AHRMA/Vintage crowd. Many thanks and see you soon.
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