The year rolls over and it’s time to think AHRMA 2007. So far the calendar doesn’t look too good
with nobody actually getting a handle on the events. “Tentative” appears to be the excuse for
“I couldn’t be bothered asking, so I just threw it in!”

 A couple of weeks ago AHRMA asked me what size jacket I would like, so I e-mailed the
organization for chest sizes and received the following reply;

“I have an extra large and it fits just fine!”

 Well the plan for 2007 is a little ambitious and will take a lot of effort to achieve if only we could
firm up some dates and get the event planning organized. Once again, despite volunteering CAT
has seen fit to virtually abandon its own website and trials info is now available on AZ Trail Riders
site, and we wonder where the members have gone?
Last year, having sunk most of Mother’s money into the business some time ago, it was time to
pull a little of my meager inheritance out for a special project, the HMH Sammy Miller Tiger Cub.
It arrived fresh and shiny from the UK around March time but by now I was already in pursuit of
the Modern Classic Intermediate Crown so the plan was to save it for this year.

 Over the last year I replaced the front end with Yamaha TY forks, triple trees and wheel and a
¾ inch stem beautifully machined by Brian Crawford. The new front end handles nicely but puts
an inch on the wheelbase, maybe some changes coming here. The Cub had her first outing just
before Christmas and although winning her class the Sage was not happy with Mister Amal’s
finest. Amazing 1960’s technology (which I remember well) no choke, just hold the tickler until the
fuel pours out everywhere and away you go. Don’t open the throttle violently or it will stall. Which
it did TWICE! However, the Sage did not retire in disgust but tried to master the alien Steed. Just
keep the throttle cracked a little and work the clutch (Excuse ME?) what is this foreign language
you speak? And where is the rear brake?

 Well 2 fives and a rabbit three on the first loop along with the duty dumb dab for an unimpressive
14. Loop 2 and British explorer tames the Tiger with a single dab and then with Steed beaten into
submission a clean lap to finish.

 So the Amal has to go!  The First replacement is the Kehlin which certainly gives it a mighty punch
off idle but cracks a wild bang as you drop to closed again.  Now I have found a Mikuni which I will
try after Wittman.


       Jim Lipscomb accepts our invitation and arrives in the rain on the Wednesday to lay out the
Trial. It rains all day Wednesday and Jim is trying to get some mud in the event while others are
saying NO, NO, NEVER! Thursday and there is a change in the weather, it gets worse! Jim reports
back that the Mud is in and now they don’t like his famous box turns, but neither do I.

Rich Palmer giving her some “biscuit” on the Mud Hole

 Friday morning armed with a bankroll of used notes its time to get ready for AHRMA once more,
let’s see….. $200 to get in, the official AHRMA watch +/- 2 hours, AMA and AHRMA cards, and 2 on
the number board.

 Load the bikes and turn the trailer round only to find the trailer tire has hit something in the yard
and gone bang. A great start but panic not and the spare goes on and off we go. Arrive in good
time and $95.00 later we are signed in and ready to go. Check the tires and throw fuel
everywhere trying to top up the tank. Start the Steed and now the new rear tire on the bike is
flat. I hope this isn’t the way the day is going to go. The flash Union Jack valve cover has a little
rubber grommet in it which has turned in the cap deflating the tire.

Bruce Sandground looking good on Section2

 The 1 and 2 groups start at section 1. Well this is different with a log to cross before a gulley full
of Scottish type rocks into a right and left tight turn to a climbing exit. Watch the progress of
Rick Wolf, all good until the left turn which results in a 5. Nick Turner is next and suffers the same
fate. My turn comes and I end up with a rabbit three to get out of the corner, but that’s 2 better
than mes amis. Section 2 is the mud hole and is fine for the 3 line but 2 has us in up to the hubs
as you go down the side of the pit then a climb up to a pyramid bank and back down to the exit.

A Roaring Tiger Cub

 Rick is already stuck and taken the 5 so I guess he is getting suitably annoyed with 2 maximums
on the 2 openers. I glide through the mud destroying hours of polishing but enjoy the feel of 4
stroke power in good old mud. Up the bank, and try and turn, but both wheels are covered in the
stuff and slide on the dry surface. Another rabbit three ensues. The score does not reflect the ride!

Phil Dury  Section2

 On to numbers 3 and 4 which are a continuous type wriggle through the trees and a nice Palo
Verde bush with a tricky adverse climb before rolling down to the exit. No problems here apart
from the bush ripping my arm apart.

 No 5 and its Jim’s famous box, Yuk! The sign says Premier Exp ride 3 but nobody told Ed Peacock’s
wife Evelyn who wants to give me a 5 for riding the 3 line. 6 is a variation on a theme over the
concrete walls but goes well for another clean. No7 drops down the concrete and has some turns
and boulders before a climb leading to an adverse exit. The cub takes it in its stride and another
clean is in the books. Turn in time to see eagle eyed checker give Nick a 5 for riding on or over a

Shawn Warner out of the mud and on the Pyramid

 No 8 hasn’t seen the 2 line used much, or if it has then 5 must be the only score as there are no
wheel tracks where I am going. The plan goes well until the turn into the last climb when too
much power causes the front wheel to lift and 2 marks go down the drain for a total of 8. Loops
2 and 3 are virtually identical losing 3’s on sections 1 and 2 and cleaning the rest. Only regret
was I wanted the best score on that mudhole, I rode the mud well but couldn’t deal with the
bank and mud on the sidewalls. Still, a great event, with unheard of scores by Wittman standards.
I finished on 20 which took the Premier Lightweight Class and I believe the 2 line. Thanks to Jim
and everyone else that laid out and helped.

The Quest is On!

Tony Down, along with faithful photographer Brenda, who now has her own web-site where you
can buy event photos: check it out you just might be there!


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