AHRMA 2006
So 2006 arrives and looking at the AHRMA calendar there are quite a few events that I can get
to. We have 5 events in California, 1 in Arizona, the same 2 in Wyoming and 1 in New Mexico,
providing Brenda doesn’t get fired for taking all that time off. Only need to compete in 7 events
so could even throw a couple out if we have a bad day. Lots of new bikes are prepped for the
season, including the 72 MAR Ossa, a 320 Majesty Yamaha and ready for 2007 the “Tiger Cub”.

The Ossa came together nicely and graced Wittman for the 2006 opener. I rode Ossa’s back in
1976 and 77 and they suited my style with their big heavy flywheels and ability to get grip when
everyone else was spinning to a standstill. However, after getting used to the snappyness of the
reed valve Yam I am not sure about using the Ossa above 6000’. Wittman, of course is ideal for
the Spanish machine so the decision is made and I don’t even bother with a spare bike.


 Amazingly the AHRMA clock is on time and after buying another chunk of real estate to get into
the venue all is well for the first event of the year. Section 1 is a simple “stay on the line” affair
and up and round a bush to the adverse exit. No 2 has some tricky turns on the loose and looks
like it will get worse as it gets chewed up. Arriving at No3 on zero I spend some time looking at
the problem of the first right turn into some loose but awkward dirt ripples. The Ossa steers like
dream and holds the selected line and I only lose a dab to most other people’s threes. 4 is a
steepish downhill and a ride around the edge of a muddy puddle. 5 we have seen on previous
years and is up and down on the concrete wash outs with embedded rocks. No 6 is similar to
before with in and outs of the trees and up and down that concrete wall.  No 7 has an adverse
run in, followed by some tight turns, dropping into a pile of wooden railroad ties and a downhill
 Finally we are back at the start for No 8 which is a series of tight up and down turns on a bank.
A good first loop with just the 1 lost. Lap 2 starts well and I score the first clean on section 3.
However, No 5 gets me for one, as when I drop down a ledge there is a “new” small rock in my
path which someone else has just disturbed. I should have ridden round it, but elect to let the
Ossa bulldozer do its thing. Clean the rest and with the score on 2 set off on the last lap which
I clean. Mister Palmer lost 1 in the railroad ties and 3 more on that tricky section 3.

 Yipee! The first round goes to me and the Bulldozer from Spain.

Tony Down

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