Approaching the end of August its time to reflect on the cycling miles covered and where this is all going? You may remember that after the pneumonia deal back in Sep/Oct 2015 I found myself a new Doctor in Durango who told me the “good news” that the vicious bout of pneumonia was over, but I had COPD Stage 3 and needed nighttime oxygen and the daily inhaler.

Smoking ends!

Stopping smoking IMMEDIATELY was the first step on 11/11/15 and about one month later he told me I was back to COPD Stage1 but I was still on nighttime oxygen and the inhaler ……what fun!

My bedtime companion the “Iron Lung”

…. and the $25 a month puffer

2016 saw the beginning of getting the lungs back to work and the Giant Mountain Bike was pushed to 2031.22 on the roads around Dolores at 7000′ before the snow shut me down.

First time out …… a dismal 3.39 miles

2017 and the riding begins again on Superbowl Sunday (5th Feb). The arrival of the Specialized S Works Roubaix in March expands my horizons and daily distance totals, such that I finish the year on a respectable total of 3602.09, and I’m also done with the oxygen tank and $25 a month of inhalers.


IT  tastes VERY Good!

Having exceeded the 2017 plan of 3000 miles I decided that 4000 might be on the cards for 2018 and looking further ahead maybe I can pedal around the Equator of the 3rd Rock from the Sun, a distance of 24,902 miles, in my lifetime?

Every passing milestone is a good excuse for another bottle of Champers and at the end of August the yearly odometer stood at 3694.12 compared to 2017’s numbers of 2802.39

Here is a pictorial presentation of approximately how far I have cycled since I started this mission and I can safely say I would not wish to either WALK or RUN the same distance!!!





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