A cold and windy week made even worse with my own personal cold so another non riding week. First of the activity trips to Nucla for boy’s Middle School basketball, nothing on Friday but 4 days of route driving next week as one of the lady drivers is away on a hunt for the mighty elk.

Friday at home with complete chaos caused by hunters blocking up all the sewers and even breaking a toilet seat!!! How do they do it?

Sunday and snow in the forecast, need to put the Beemer to bed in the trailer and connect the battery minder. Job done, all tucked up and connected to the power.

Monday and after the morning drive force myself to get out there despite the nasty cold and windy conditions with the 25 mph gusts. Another 16.23 goes in the books before I’m cold and getting wimpy but with only a few miles left I should be through the 4500 marker tomorrow morning.

Rides on Tuesday and Wednesday, but the cold is still with me and although I’m on some fast acting antibiotics nothing seems to be getting better? Thursday and just too cold and windy. Friday is a day off and also very cold with a bitter wind,  and then Basketball again up at Norwood on Saturday.

More Basketball again on Tuesday at Telluride. Sunday and Monday off but the weather is awful! Bitter cold with gusty strong winds and definitely not in my cycling wheelhouse …… I DO like it to be at least pleasant, cold I can handle, but cold winds NO, NO a thousand times NO!

This morning (Monday) only 13F and the forecast high for the day only makes 31F !!!!   I’ll cut some firewood first then see how it is, only 20F at 1030 and that wind is gusting 19 !!!

For the last two years my cycling has come to an end in November and usually this same time of the month as the really cold weather along with the winter winds makes everything truly unpleasant.

I pushed on a little further and scraped another 10.38 to add to the total but despite my efforts I’m ALMOST there!

Tuesday and the Telluride trip is at the wrong time for riding, but again its bitter cold with a strong wind. Wednesday and still very cold but the wind is not such a factor and its ALMOST calm! The wimp is chastised once more and the cold is braved and the final 10.15 goes in the books making the, ALMOST 4544 miles, of the Florence Hurricane track a REALITY !


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