Loading all completed on Wednesday night and everything looks good for a crack of dawn start……..
and then the “Thinks Bubble!”…….. yes, fully fuelled, full of LP gas…….. but yours truly has forgotten to
dump tanks and take on water.

Off we go again

With dogs and cat all aboard we leave around 0830 and 5 hours later we are in Palisade and ready
for today’s adventure. Some of you may remember my comments on keeping the other members of
the crew happy so today we are looking at a wine tasting in Palisade. One of our dogs is on heart
medication and the pill he needs was out of stock at all our local vets in the Dolores/Cortez area but
our vet located some in Palisade…… which just happened to be literally within 100 yards of the
Palisade Drinking Trifecta !

“Don’t forget my pills”

Well lookee here, a distillery, a brewery and a wine tasting all around the same parking lot.

First stop

Brewery on the left, winery dead ahead

Pills done, now for some SERIOUS tasting! We start at the distillery and work our way through
Vodkas various,some gins and then tequilla. This is then getting a little heavy on straight shots so
time for a proper Bloody Mary or two and enjoy their outside smoking patio.

Our heavy pouring hostess

It’s working !

Good bloody marys too

Everybody is very friendly and as we are parked along side the rail tracks we ask how many trains
come through per day ? The answer is 2 so that seems good news……. more of this later!!

Not sure what this building was on the other side of the tracks but the
Vet was just down the road from it  and we got the pills

Here comes the Amtrak, so one more to come…………

Plenty of time left so now a little beer over at the brewery……. not bad, locals still friendly and a
selection of smoked meats which Brenda loves and a very nice blue cheese and bacon cheesecake
which gets better the longer it has to breathe.

Time for the winery, and another freebee tasting. Most of their wines are around the seven year point
and the colour looks a little “muddy” although they generally taste fine. 6 of these slip into the
shopping cart.

Fast approaching 6 p.m. so time to hump all the goodies back on the bus and take in some more of
the Weeds series on the Roku system. About 3 episodes later its bedtime after the final dog walk and
now we get to find out how many real trains there are!! Granted there are only two Amtrak trains a day
and we had seen one of those while sipping Bloody Marys……… but there are heavy haul frieght trains
about every hour, on the hour, and man they love those whistles and Brenda tells me they all smell

Big, long, noisey and smelly too

……and they just keep coming all night long

Off at a reasonable hour with only 350 miles to go and the only incidents to mention were a complete
lack of antelope (only saw 8) and two unpleasant arseholes and buffoons en route. The first was a
lady driver ( word used to denote sex, not refinement!) who we met at a set of traffic lights. The lights
are Green for ME and I’m signalling left to turn northbound when SHE who is stationary on my right,
heading north suddenly sets off on RED and turns immediately in front of me !!!…… anchors deployed,
china on the move…….. my giant train like air horn tells her like it really is and all I get in response is a
lot of shouting and screaming and a finger as though I’m in the wrong ???

The lights now change and the vehicles who were behind this cretinous woman now turn left
shrugging their shoulders and giving the smile to signify they had seen it all.

Finally on the near deserted road on the other side of Casper on the way into the start area we meet
youth on crotch rocket, usual get up, shorts, flip flops, no gloves and standard full face helmet
attached to rear seat who for no apparent reason also suddenly gives me the finger !!!!! maybe he
doesn’t like RV’s or trials bikes or maybe it was Raeph who had read my last article ?

The deserted road into the ranch where we meet Raeph ??

Made it !

Docked once more in our standard berth on what is now a delightful grassy meadow….. this is new.
Was this the work of the Mostellers or pehaps Raeph and Priscilla ?…… high winds and a spot of rain
as a storm rolls through and as o’beer thirty is declared a rainbow appears and the dastadly Raeph
lets the wild horses loose !

The storm blows through and out comes the rainbow

Oh no, Raeph has let the bloody wild horses out again


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