Difficult to get a mental handle on this freaky weather which is more winter like than springtime.


Sunday I ride to the 10.2 marker as I can’t turn round when I want to because of traffic so that becomes 23.68 when I get home and is a good opener for the week’s account.

With just 9 days left in the school year the forecasters are claiming that we will be hit with a monster spring storm ALL this week…….. and they have it RIGHT    …….. BIG TIME!!!

Monday and low temps and a biting strong 25mph wind with gusts to 40. Not my kind of cycling weather! Tuesday, I make it out with full thermals and get hailed on …… great! …… only saving grace was after the hail the wind dropped and the ride home was pretty quick for another 23.37 in the books.


biking in the rain 580

Wednesday, even colder, had to de-ice the windscreen before I left for the morning run. Snow, hail, rain and of course the bitter strong wind. Too cold to ride and no real change for the afternoon run but then it gets worse with a major snowstorm all night and while we were playing 9 ball pool where once again I finished 2nd.


Thursday more snow showers all morning after cleaning off the car once more! Friday not much better and I think we made 50F briefly before coming back down to freezing again. Friday bitter cold but no snow and that wind is proving too much.


Saturday and after 4 non riding days I set off again and despite the wind turn in a respectable 25.56 to complete a dismal week.


Well never mind, all being well I’ll pass the 1300 marker tomorrow and might knock up 1500 by the end of the month?


You just have to keep pushing on!



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