The weekend would have been nice but those bloody winds just kept coming and now for the last week of May temps might make 50F by day and a good chance of freezing at night. Of course its still raining, the never ending wind will be gusting 30 mph, and there is overnight snow in the forecast.

Now into Tuesday, and effectively achieved NOTHING, other than the planned shopping and fitting of hangers and irrigation. Outside its wet and goopey and still SNOWING (5/28/19) ……. how can I do any weeding? or even think about riding the bike?  ….. I seem to be at my wit’s end!

I’m told up the road the work force has removed one of the 1150 TON boulders and the road is now open and they may be leaving the other one where it is. Maybe get up there to see it when this awful weather goes away. Right now at 1030, cold wet, and miserable! Temp has just made 42F!

I eventually venture out in full thermals and it really is very nasty, cold, damp and rain in the wind. I do about 7.5 but it is so horrid I can’t push it any further. I’m cold and never really get warm again despite coffees and numerous hot chocolates. It pours with rain again at 1600 and the temp drops to 37F ……. WTF is going on???

Wednesday, bright and sunny, so just a chance something might get done. Whisky barrels need some drainage holes and the irrigation system needs finishing along with another bout of picking up branches from all these 30 mph gusts.

But first a Ride! Not too windy, a little chilly,  but press on anyway in the hope of getting 10 miles now and a few more later on. 17.78 goes in the book for the morning session which leaves 51.4 to get over 700 by the end of the month.

Afternoon and with irrigation complete, including another visit to the plumber for a new Y fitting, time for the barrels. Plan was big hole in the center and 5 more around the sides in a smaller size. The smaller size keeps jamming up so after two barrels its big in the middle and four more of the same on the sides. Task complete and barrels in place by the balcony uprights. It now gets really cold  and this calls for an inside fire!

The smaller holes drill bit keeps loading up!

The big one will do!

Still trying to control the “gut” and some improvement made by stopping ALL forms of medication and letting the system run on normal …. only problem excessive gas build up. Meanwhile, the weight is still going down and this morning an all time low of 183.8 which is 28 lbs down from where I started. Today the weather finally turns and I thought a run out to the boulders that closed the Telluride road would be good …….. but the gut has other ideas so I’m on a short tether. A completely wasted day!


Friday, and hopefully a nice day, and perhaps I’ll get something done and get the “mojo” working! Well clearly after yesterday’s setback my 700 by the end of the month is NOT going to happen and perhaps time to revise this year’s cycling goals. After the worst winter up here since moving up in 2007/8 and only having made 150 miles this month!!! the NEW total for 2019 will be 3000.

The next few days will be dedicated to the garden  and it all starts today! This morning we take on the whisky barrels, one tree and two bags of miracle grow in each and then a selection of fill in plants around the bases.

Whisky barrels …. GO!

3 with Clematis

2 with bleeding hearts

It all gets done leaving me time to start strimming ops before the main lawn mowing. With mowing complete I need to reset a piece of irrigation piping that has come to the surface by the rose bed and that one gets knocked off the list. Finish my efforts with some light weeding and clean up of the seed bed.

Now time for a ride and a few beers. 13.37 ticks over and giving me 661.97 for 2019.

Saturday June 1st, and its Riverfest Day, an annual Dolores thing with lots of bands playing in the park and other attractions for all.

Dead roses out and Scuffy beds weeded

I get some weeding done in the Scuffy beds and the 3 dead roses are removed ready for the new ones. Brenda wants to ride down to the park so a bit of tire pumping as her bicycle hasn’t been used in a couple of years. We get down there, pay the outrageous fee, only to discover she hasn’t got her phone! Back we go, and then with phone in hand do it all over again knocking up 4.56 in the process.

The gut is still struggling to get back to normal and gas abounds all night but I think I’m out of the woods so to speak as we come up to 10 a.m.

Today its hanging basket day again and NO frost in the weekly forecast so we will be off in a short while for 4 Seasons.





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