The road to the Slopes

Yesterday’s storm has passed, 2″ of snow on the rail and the 50mph winds have gone, but they will be back? Very, very cold and a high chill factor with these winds. Another dose of light snow on Christmas Eve and a run to Telluride to try on some boots for big foot. Lovely day for the skiers but a lot of snow in the forecast for the next few days. Boot testing reveals nothing and not really much closer to boot Nirvana! A couple from Head and Dalbello went on but nothing to say this is ME !!


Christmas morning and its snowing, can presents be put under the tree or will the Nice Black Cat undo them all ? Fire is lit, usual stereo via the TV.


The snow begins as forecast


The Cat begins …… as forecast


Presents done, dogs walked, the lumberjack humps in more wood for a full day’s burning as the Titanic’s boilers are set for all ahead. Phone calls around the World and then Christmas lunch preparation gets under way with a couple of Paxo stuffings.


Its not precooked ?


Stuffings done

Bird in the oven, and I can still remember Granny and Auntie getting up at ungodly hours to put 30 lb birds in old ovens at 20-25 mins per lb . With that “Reynolds” bag the 21 pounder is done in 3.5 hours. All the veggies are peeled and cut and ready for their turn a little closer to the main event.


Swede, parsnips and pots, sprouts, leeks and heirloom carrots

Cocktails and Hallmark until the next round of activity and watch the snow coming down.


I think we have enough wine for today


Dangerous cocktails, round 1


Still snowing

Veggies and extras are ready and the bird rests…… as does the cook! On schedule the monster is carved………


The traditional British Christmas lunch is done,  let the eating commence


Yes, it eats well, the crackers are pulled and a few more drinks are poured. Another delightful Christmas with some lovely presents, some known, others a total surprise, time to sit back and enjoy the old Hallmark happy films and watch the snow coming down.


Thanks for another lovely Christmas and Goodwill to all from Ramsey and Sous Chef Brenda


Let it snow! Christmas 2014    




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