I actually remember that path, and always a welcome relief when you come round that corner.  SSDT for those that haven’t been there.

12/29 spent the morning under going those unbelievably  noise ridden scan machines called MRI. That took ALL morning and didn’t impress me one little bit! Especially the “Man in the Mask” session which must cause a lot of complaints from those suffering from claustrophobia, not at all pleasant!

Awful contraption

40 bloody minutes in this thing

This was all I could think of

Home after that and removed the broken oil pipe but with the loss of dexterity had to take it to Mancos Motorsport  for the soldering which I will pickup today, 12/30 and hopefully finish the job off.

Soldering and annealing of the washers

Picked up the soldering (no charge) however It won’t fit as the picture above shows the way I wanted it BUT, yes you guessed correctly, its now 180 out of phase! Back again tomorrow.

AND THEY ARE CLOSED! Well its New Year’s Eve so another Plan B and go and see the welding Guru who welded up the tank when it split! Says it will be ready at 1500 so ever hopeful. Very cold out there at 21F but fortunately no wind and the firewood is in.

All repaired and again No Charge! Perhaps they like me ?

Tried to fit this neat unit from Webco but it sticks out a little too much under the tank, crying shame

Looks good but a bit too tall

Standard fit as before, but now back in one piece

The show continues despite the cold and Mister Del Orto is in the shower house for a bath and blow through  


No disrespect here but I’m afraid I do find this funny!

For those that don’t  Happy New Year

Still cold but must press on with the Cub as the days are ticking by. Today’s mission clean Del Orto and rebuild and fit. Well that got done and a new plug cap for the 125 and a new plug. Can’t see a spark yet on the Cub but I’m having trouble standing up and kicking it over all caused by these bloody side effects! Almost at my wits end as these side effects are driving me insane.

The way I’m feeling

Thank God it’s done!

The carb got its cleaning and another good product got its first try as my School bus mechanic, Jack, who suggested this product, for multiple uses. It seems it also destroys that “ethanol” gum that gets in the jets.

Impressive stuff

All cleaned and blown through, ready for the off

Now with fumbling sore fingers I’ll try and sort out the ignition as I rather think I must have pulled a wire somewhere when I was taking the oil pipe off. I believe I had already checked the spark before I started polishing, can’t remember its “Chemo Brain” again, don’t you just love this shit!

Getting to the point of contacting Ray Iddon who is the Master Guru when it comes to Cubs can’t get hold of him over the weekend and now in waiting mode until its time for CA to open up for Monday morning. Don’t know why but I have a dreadful sensation that he may have passed away. If that is the case my next port of call will be Adrian Lewis at Lewisport and see what he can do. He had one of Ray’s “One Trick Cubs” some time ago.

Adrian, yet another Brit trials rider along with his wife Mandy, who is another horsewoman, and also rides trials run LewisportUSA and have everything trials that anyone could want. I think a NEW electronic ignition is required the current one is PVL or it could be just the top coil or even something simpler that Chemo Brain isn’t seeing.

Might even send Superglitz out with this package as with all these side effects, trials and balance may be out of the question for me!



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