Well that might be true, but today its our full mystery WINE tour with driver Jason. Jason has been our regular driver every time we have been to Calistoga and was the “witness” at our wedding here in 2007.


Jason used to be a driver with California Wine Tours but struck out on his own even buying a NEW Lincoln stretched limo. He duly arrives at 1100 and the fun begins. A little special treatment with bubbly on board to freshen the palate.


” I could get to like this ! “

Well we never know where we are going with Jason but there again we are never disappointed either and today turns out to be no exception and Brenda only has one request to do some wine stomping!

Trying to re-piece the day has not been easy as it seems a bit jigsaw -ish as the memory goes foggy in many places. Our first stop is “Lava” where the group of owners are into music and are having fun regardless. Can’t remember if we bought anything here…… I’m sure we did ?


napa 6

More bubbly palate freshening (I could get to like this) and arrive at Heitz which has a patio with giant stone pillars with grapes coming down from the roof.


The vines look unreal, almost as though they were forged in concrete to match but closer inspection reveals they are the real thing even if they look petrified!


Time moves on and with 2 tastings done + the bubbly, time to go grape stomping at Grgich Hills where the famous wine was made and won the Paris Tasting in 1976 and put Napa on the map as a World’s best producer which came as a bit of a shock to all the European wineries. First up the tasting!

napa 16

Wine tasting goes well, quick look around the barrels, photo with the maestro, join the wine club, etc, etc.

napa 18

The “Man”

napa 13

The Prize Winner

Now its stomping time (if she can stand up) so with another glass in hand time to visit the barrel…..


Happiness is your feet in the grapes…… nb, Brenda has carefully selected a dress that will NOT show any grape or wine splashes during the course of the day ……. Very Clever!!

napa 24

The results ……. a T shirt !

Now its time for lunch so having viewed their picnic area time to get a bottle to go with the cheese

napa 30

That will do nicely!

Outside is perfect and we are soon enjoying a very good wine in a perfect setting with some great cheeses and fig chutney.


The picnic area all to ourselves


The table is set and the wine is poured

Lunch completed in a lovely setting and now we move on somewhere else to Goosecross and I have no idea if we joined their club or not but common sense was slipping away by this stage. Not sure if the hostess had been sampling herself but very, very friendly and I assume we enjoyed it ?


Our friendly server


Yet another purchase

Still daylight so time for another tasting on the way home at a pretty little room bearing the portal “Elizabeth Spencer”.  Another purveyor of fine wines and I know we bought some here as I’ve seen the glasses around the house …… little escapes me!

napa 31

Last one

napa 33

By now we are done and Cinderella needs to get the overstocked pumpkin home!


The limo is full …….


……. and so is the passenger …….. HAPPY DAYS in NAPA !!






















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