August 7th! Another year goes in the history books and perhaps not the best out of the 63 done but one
with a lot of memories nonetheless. It was about this time last year when the final realisation that there
was zero hope for the building industry in Arizona and it was time to close the business was made.
Last payments were duly made on houses, vehicles and equipment and with no further income the
chips had to fall where they may.

Last remaining trips in the Beaver would still take place and the end of August 3 weeks were looking
good for the 3 day event at Casper, 2 days in Tooele, and then Sandia where Mick and Jill Andrews
would be the guests of honor. A trip down memory lane was planned for Napa and Hollister to round
out the trials year. Sadly the prospect of the big “B” was all too apparent and despite some wild ideas,
without income and a failing economy, causing many assets to become worthless, the situation
seemed grim.

The move to Colorado was made, precious assets were discarded, and eventually the “walkaway”
from the 1.2M home was done. The luxury motor home was returned with all it’s equity, my personal
car was duly collected and anything saleable was sold at criminal low prices.

The Beaver Marquis at Cotopaxi

Winter life in Colorado became a ritual of snow shovelling, log splitting and walking to the Hollywood
for the Saturday Pool Competition. Too cold to work on trials bikes or much else outside so plenty of
time to consider the future and how to survive in hard times.

Small Town Saturday afternoon pool

On the trials front a lot of fun securing 8 wins in Classic Expert, and a further 7 wins on the RE in Prem
Heavyweight Int. However some soul noted an obsure rule that despite the fact that you can ride one
class above what your Ahrma card is stamped you can’t get Championship points for ANYTHING other
than the rating on your card! So despite the 8 wins I was disqualified!  Casper was 3 great days on the
Enfield and after all the fun of the passenger slide deploying while on the move we finally made it
across the country to Salt Lake, had the system checked and then made it on time to Tooele for their
2 Day. Two good days of trialing in a new venue with a good turnout for a first time event and one that I
felt sure would be a regular on the calendar. Oh well, maybe next year? Then time for Sandia which I’ve
done since they started it 5 years ago and this year a lot of fun was had with Mick and Jill Andrews and
Mick decided to ride Superglitz in the event, so quite a honor there.

Mick tries Superglitz at Sandia

Finances, or lack of, prevented the run to Napa and Hollister and the Beaver was duly returned to
Phoenix where it remained with not so much as a sniff at the Dealership. Several trips back to Cave
Creek to collect those items I could use up here and then get rid of the Screamin Eagle VRod to survive
the winter.

The V Rod on a rare outing

Workshop completed and then it snowed and it snowed some more! Christmas came and went but at
least it was white and then we moved into 2009 when it snowed some more! The old Safari was
de-mothballed and she became the trials transporter for 2009 and took her first run to Buckeye for the
season opener. Mental plans are still in place for the Pre 65 Scottish but common sense says it is not
going to happen. More bikes are duly sold including the KTM and Ossamaha and a whole load more
stuff on ebay. A master sponsorship plan is put in place and when the chips are down you very soon
find out who your friends are, some wonderful surprizes and very generous contributions made the
whole thing a reality but equally a sign of the times with some downright rudeness from others who
could not even respond with a “Sorry”. Needless to say when you want something so much, the World,
Universe and Karma all have a way of putting it together so never give in.

A White Christmas

The Pre 65 operation ran smoothly, even though the crap BSA did not! Many old friends and
colleagues were on hand in Scotland, namely Dick and Lyn Clears, Mick and Jill, Jack Knoops and
another fellow competitor from the 70’s George Webb. Many stories and memories were relived over
some pleasant evening bar time and even Brenda’s reservations about the whole trip were dispelled
as she fell in love with what is the magic of the Highlands.

The event itself, despite the attrocious weather, kicked my arse big time as I was not expecting the
sections to be anywhere near as tough and equally the BSA was not up there in my “favorite bikes of all
time” and was a real struggle to ride. Never mind, I know I could have ridden better on a more suitable
mount but I finished nonetheless which is still an achievement in anyone’s books.

NO, I’ll never have a BSA !!

Back home and another Yam gets sold, this time the gorgeous all alloy TY from 77. Now time for all
those gardening projects and getting back in to the run of Ahrma events. Milliken and Howard at Turkey
Rock all came and went and for the most part I rode very well returning two zero cards with a
determined effort and improved concentration, mind you the Cub is a delight to ride and I only wish I
could have had her with me for Scotland.

The 77 before shipping

Then came the “broken feet” saga with Brenda managing to break her foot, and this only 4 months
after breaking a finger walking the dogs. I followed up dropping the 500 lb rock on my foot and that
stopped all plans for Steamboat and Donner. Well we both survived, parties are now all the small town
rage as all the reverse snowbirds are here for the summer and the “pool” sessions have now reverted
to Wednesday afternoon and the cycle ride on Thursday morning to recover the car from the Hollywood.

So the birthday was one day ahead of “Escalante Days” and after much pool & drinkies in the
Hollywood we made it back to CC where the game continued polishing off the last of Tequilla Rose
before slipping into Drambuie and all the memories of the countless flights into Dhahran aboard the
riotous drunken British Airways party bus to the Middle East.

The bikes are ready, so am I, and we will try some more of this trials riding stuff in a couple of weeks
and see if I can capture that Classic Expert’s Title that I was denied last year…..another year older but
not much wiser!


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  • 8/18/2009 10:23 AM Outlaw Dave wrote:
    Hey Tony – Happy birthday mate – It really was a shame you didn’t get to ride a “Decent’ bike at the Scottish, after traveling all that way.
    As you saw by the video clip – I still like to ride, and will maybe visit Steve Richardson on his “Treasure Island” just off the coast of Vancouver next month ( It’s my 72nd Birthday on Sept 5th – so might do a Birthday thing)
    All the Best
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