Not my best event of last year but having missed San Ysidro time to get out there and start the season. This will also be another good test on the Safari cooling system with a lot of big hills on some fairly nasty rough NM roads.

Friday morning and we are in good shape to depart on time until the first “gotchya” of the day. Last minute loading is underway and the generator is started or in this case not! It starts, it runs……. but the moment you take your finger off the button it shuts down. Gurus and others are spoken to and from all this wise advice it seems we are looking at a new circuit board………. and we won’t be getting one of those today!


A circuit board….. not happening today!

Brenda rings the ski resort on the off chance they may have a slot and amazingly they do which we grab with both hands. No more problems and we are on our way. Incident free run and pull into our slot at Sipapu right alongside John at the start.

Saturday and its a Cub season so off I go for a little warm up and now the Cub is behaving like the Enfield and its leaking oil ? Well this could be excess oil from the upside down period when the sump was welded …… gently  tighten up rocker covers but it continues to leak for the first 6 sections then stops ? This is the first time I’ve run the Cub up at this dizzy altitude and it really doesn’t like it and is clearly incorrectly jetted. With the current jets it run well in Dolores (7000′) but on a hot day at 8000′ to 9500′ it is not happy…… well should have thought about this in advance.


A jet for everything………. now

The first loop is a bit of a struggle on limited power with the uphills giving major cause for concern so after an uncontested ride in my class I switch to the Yam for a bit of practice and confidence building. The Yam performs well although clearly my confidence is on the low side. Some nice cleans but a lot of unforced errors one of which brought the session to a close.



The Cub is fine on the flats but struggling on the hills


SG has no problems but the rider is “not in tune”

On the section, where I crashed last year nearly breaking my wrist, I had previously had a great clean on the Yam but on the 3rd loop the section came back to haunt me on the final turn when the front wheel broke away in the leaf mold and I was pitched over the bars AGAIN! catching the clutch with my boot and breaking the perch. Yes, I’m beginning to think it might be prudent to drop down a class as this consistent falling off is doing nothing for my pleasure.



A new one of these is now at hand

Sunday isn’t much better so I ride one loop, swallow the pride and go and take some pictures. Dan is riding like a demon and clearly in a class of his own.


Dan riding in a class of his own!

Homebound on NM cart tracks you can see the ripples in the white line on the side of the road and the Safari starts the classic RV bounce……. mile after mile of this at around 50-55 and then a thundering great BANG. Pull over and investigate, can’t see anything but 30 miles later yet another great BANG! A lot more looking but can’t see a problem so assume its stuff in the lower equipment bays clattering around.

Safely home and time to investigate further. Nothing in the bays looks likely to have caused the noise so move further forward. Shocks look good but then I see I’m missing a bolt in the unit holding the suspension to the axle ….. and another looks to have sheared but is still there!!! Jack is summoned and 2 new bolts fitted but these are only grade 5 and I want grade 8 fine.

Meanwhile the Onan expert has been from Farmington (85 miles) and after an hour now wants the unit at his house to fix it.  Might have been a good idea to have taken it to him first ? He reports that the problem is NOW the Voltage Regulator (another $200) ……. and so it begins. With the VR fitted it now has no SPARKS so it needs an ignition module (another $150) but by the end of week 2 it is working and finally correctly adjusted so that it doesn’t surge as it did after the last so called expert serviced it. Picked it up yesterday (Friday) which would have been Turkey Rock travelling day so yet another event missed……. not a good year for trials!










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