Day 2, “more Turkey anyone ?”

The traditional “pot luck” with brats, dogs and burgers finished up another excellent first day on Turkey
Rock and everyone was clearly looking forward to a second helping at Ed and Evelyn’s table.

A few more riders swell the ranks today taking our total to 27, Neal is riding some “strange PH twin”
Rick Field is out but not with those ghastly gold lame boxers and Mike B has his new Yam in action…..
but why those Suzuki forks ?

The fluffy Cub trio are a little delayed as Dan needs to flash a front tube and it doesn’t look like the
new one is much better. Again we are starting at 2 following Ed’s group of Historic Ints. Line seems
quite straight forward and we are all through clean.

At 3 we have a downhill into 2 choices of uphill into a right hander on some loose rocks and then two
jumble piles before the exit. I pop through for the clean after Nick had sqandered a dab on that first
right turn. Dan is still pumping up but gets going only to take a dab where Nick did so no clean card
today !

Section 4 is a “gimmee” for the trio and I don’t see any of us losing any here. Past the water station
(a nice touch I thought) and up to 5 starting again off the path. This version has a lot more bite to it and
a lot more areas to go wrong ! Over the ledge and drop into the gorge for an immediate right into a big
pile of solid and rolling rocks……. uphill in this into a sharp left over a step….. brief recovery and right
turn for the exit step back onto the path. Nick gets through clean but Dan starts a bit off line and then a
solid rock moves causing all manner of problems resulting in a rather untidy 2. Well with that rock out
of the way I slip through clean.

Today’s 6 is fairly simple and I don’t see points being lost here and the Trio sail on for No 8. Here we
take on a largish well used pumice boulder which has the history of many bash plates being dragged
over it’s crest.Off the top a drop off onto solid pumice and dirt into a left turn to line up on an adverse
dirt and rock outcrop and once over that an uphill wiggle through loose dirt, rocks and shale before a sweeping downhill between big rocks to the finish.

Nick and I slip through for the clean while Dan is pumping up again. This tire thing is getting to Dan
and clearly putting him off his game and he takes another fleeting dab on the outcrop. 9 is another
simple affair and other than getting in a real muddle I don’t see us losing marks here.

Now at Section 1 to complete the loop. Difficult start off uneven ground and straight into a tight right
turn by the tree into a rock gorge (rear tire wide) or over a gnarly rock beside the gap. From there uphill
to a plateau into a quickie right/left descending over roots and rocks into another drop off to complete a
right 180 and up a step and drop into another step and left turn to the exit. Nick elects to ride the gnarly
rock and then glides through the rest but just when it looks good he completely misses the last gate!
A very sad 5 and a 6 point loop. I need a dab  which gives me a total of 1 and Dan cleans it too for a 4
point loop.

Temps now way up in the 90’s we are back at 1 again and this time I clean it along with Nick. Dan
has a moment or two and needs a dab.

2 looks much the same and Nick goes through clean and I follow but the back slides off a now
polished rock on the way to the exit  needing a dab which nearly ended badly but I just got the wheel
through before losing control. Dan follows my line and does virtually the same thing for his dab.

Section 3 is not good for the Trio and we all take a dab. No mistakes from anyone on 4, 5, 6, so down
the loop to 8 where we see Steve Elms take a nasty looking 5 coming off the first drop. A big rock has appeared from nowhere on the final uphill needing a few extra turns to get round. All clean here and
back to the start for 9 which being solid bedrock will not change. 3 more cleans complete the loop.
Dan has added a further 3 to his score and has a 2 loop total of 7. Nick did better with just 1 this time
round for a total of 7 as well and yours truly added 2 for a total of 3.

A little rectification on Nick’s carb while Dan slimes the annoying front tube. Out for the final loop.
Section 1 could have been the game changer with some strange lines after that gnarly rock but
determination and skill got everyone through for the clean.

At 2 things look the same and Nick takes an easy clean. Coming down the mini step I must have
been 2″ off line and my right boot lodges against the rock swinging me to the right and knocking me completely off balance……. nothing for it but to get away from the rock that has me prisoner but now
I’m forced to paddle it out up through the very loose dirt. Well that was horrible! not sure how it
happened but which ever way you look at it its a 3 and I’ve doubled my total.

Over at 3 Nick and Dan are through for a clean but I’m still fuming about doubling my score and get
way off line for yet another dab so the Trio are now all on 7 a piece! Now I’m really cross with myself
for blowing a 4 point lead !

Reviewing whats to come 4 should be cleans all round, 5 could take a mark or two. 6 is unlikely to
be anything but cleans all round. 8 could be problematic and 9 none of us has lost a mark yet.
Well thats the way it went with Nick and Dan on clean loops and yours truly screwing up the 4 point
advantage…….. as they say, “that’s trials”, or “its never over until the fat lady sings”….. a 3 way tie, it just
doesn’t get any closer!!

Having had the camera with me for two days in the fanny pack time to get some pics to fit in the story.

A tired June Newby makes it to the end of her first 2 days of trialing…….
I think she will be back for more

Neal brings home the Pre Historic twin thing ?

The Wolf pack salute at the bottom of 10 reversed

John Clement wrapping up 10 reversed and ready for battle with Travis
at Dolores in 2 weeks time

Mike takes the new toy Yam on the wide line of 10 reversed

Mike coming off the high point of 10

Rick Daniel taking the inside line on 10

Rick does a “Ben Spies” off the top of 10 to finsh on 1 point

Meanwhile in other news, readers will excuse me as I’ve been somewhat wrapped up in my own little
world for the last 3 hours. Sec John has made it for a double win in Hist Nov beating out Walt by a
small margin. In MTS Exp Bob Rowland took another easy win over the opposition. Rick Armstrong
who was riding very smoothly whenever I saw him had a fine, and deserved win in Hist Int while Steve
Elms seemed to be at 6’s & 7’s after yesterdays excellent ride.

The main interest of the day centered around Historic Experts with a talent laden entry. Yesterday’s
winner Rick Daniel was again on fine form with another 1 point day which tied him with Bultaco
mounted Mike Shay also on 1. Under ITSA rules when a tie break is unresolved it goes to a ride off.

A new section was devised and they went at it for 3 runs a piece. Some fantastic riding displayed on
Vintage bikes and Mike clearly had the advantage with the Bult which did everything it was asked, and
believe me there was a lot of asking !!

Eventual and deserved win in Historic Exp after the ride off for Mike Shay 

Yum, yum, thats enough Turkey for this year !

Hope to see you all in Dolores Aug 11/12


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