The forecast weather keeps changing and by my bedtime, around 2200, there is an inch or so on the rail and the forecast is 4-8″ over night and another 2-4″ on Tuesday morning.



0430 and the alarm goes off so stagger into the kitchen for life giving coffee to see about 9″ on the rail. Strange no phone call from the Boss to say stay at home. The snow is still dumping and 30 mins goes by before the phone call to say the game is ON!!! …….. well I’m absolutely flabbergasted ……. I can’t believe the insanity of this…….. dressed, ……outside clearing 9″off the windows,  hood, windscreen, when Brenda shouts “2 HOUR DELAY”………. back to my coffee and now wait out the time.


Still snowing HARD!!

Later back outside and still snowing! Remove the most recent 2-3″ and set off out of the drive onto the snow packed roads. Braking action non existent so this is going to be slow …… very slow, and of course I’m not exactly in a good frame of mind.

Up the hill and approaching the Dolores Bus Barn two 18 wheeler cattle trucks on the hard shoulder where one has jackknifed himself into the soft deep snow on the verge!


Great start to someone’s morning

Now creeping into Cortez in the early morning gloom at 30 mph and of course Joe Harvey Dumbshit is now tailgating me in these awful adverse conditions…… but wait, ….. there’s more, as two international world rally drivers come past me at twice my speed as if there is no problem at all!!!



Just approaching Main St when my phone goes off to tell me it’s been declared a Snow Day……. but Joe Harvey is still tight on my rear end so I’m forced to turn into the Maverick gas station so he doesn’t ram me! What a morning!!!!



It snows for the rest of the day!!!


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