From 2100 on 6/13/19 until 6/17 we are under FLOOD WATCH as the river is rising at an alarming rate and should crest the bank sometime today!

With RED warnings all the way across my weather screen I’m out on the bike to check the severity of this upcoming disaster. Sure, the water is up a bit, no surprises there, with all the snow pack melt but nothing in my opinion of an alarming nature. Back after a 20 miler and see that the warning has been lifted????

I guess the Ark can stay in port and Noah can go back to his normal flood relief Uber duties.

Just about done on my weeding activities as I’m now on the big center bed. So far about 4 half days spent on the project and now time for the sprinklers to soften up the ground again. This works well and the ground is now in prime weeding condition!

As the temps are up over 75 the newly exposed plants are loving it as the creeping, choking, arsebine gets removed and exposes them to the sun …… ice plants in full glorious color.

Bumper crop of wild strawberries this year and some of my fir trees are finally behaving as they should with colored frons for the first time ever. Self seeded cotoneasters appear and a well behaved fir has suddenly grown a “top hat” which will have to go!

Bumper crop of wild strawberries …… yumeee!

At last !

Not keen on the summer hat  …. it will have to go

A full afternoon weeding for Friday and I’m really making progress and actually enjoying the task. My palm is getting sore so I’ll stop at 1700 to avoid the “Jesus Blister” and get a few more miles and a couple of beers.

Weeding goes well, the ride top up is pleasant and finishes at 30.42 for the day and a couple of beers wraps up everything.

Saturday and I finally push myself up the road to see the rock fall disaster area knocking up another 24.56 for the round trip. Time to get into Walmart and see the plant mortuary ….. its just that! Brenda finds a couple of plants and its then onward to 4 Seasons for some new Ice plants. Not much variety this year but I do buy the last 9 plants that are not yellow!

My illness is now debilitating and I can’t summon the energy or will power to do any more weeding, and then it starts raining!

Sunday, and its been raining overnight, but it dries up and I push on for a few more miles before the afternoon storms arrive. The lack of sleep with all this overnight gas shows and I find it hard work but 17.64 goes in he books.

After lunch another good session of weeding and I might just get it finished on Monday and even some planting if I’m lucky.

Nice idea but the storms roll in and now its raining and the afternoon will be taken up with all the preparation for tomorrow’s unpleasant hospital visit. Today is also a fasting day! A truly crap day in more ways than one!

Well if I thought yesterday was bad then I wasn’t thinking worst case scenario which is what I was in for today! Largish tumor in the colon which the surgeon really didn’t need to have tested. Further tests and seems its stage IV Colon Cancer and already spread to the liver. Joy of joys, life expectancy about 5 years!

“Meanwhile”, as Stephen Colbert says, the front bed weeding was finished yesterday afternoon before the rain arrived and now as its wind free and warmish I might try and get the last plants in the ground.

The layout for the new plants gets done, but before I complete the planting I need a run down to the Brewery to select some large rocks to use as stepping stones for three pathways I want to create through the bed. Once again the cycling has to take a backseat as other gardening tasks take over.

Rocks are home, washed and laid and more weeding down the lawn side of the Scuffy bed gets done. Need a few more rocks to complete the task and then more planting and those edge cuts.

First steps on the pathways

Another day and another trip to the Brewery for more rocks to complete the pathways. The last of the ice plants are in and now time to start the edge cuts! The lawn side of Scuffy is done after an  early morning start and work now begins on the edges for the center bed. By quitting  time I’m about 3/4 way through leaving just the last portion, lawn mowing, and final planting of the dianthus.

The other entrance

Saturday morning, scared, angry and a little weak.   ……. I’m beginning to wonder whether I have the resolve to fight this ……. or do I even want to?  ……… I guess you can fight this sort of thing if you have love, support and affection all around you ….. and of course you can still fail, but at least you tried.

…….…………  the thoughts are endless and not fruitful


Better get out there and get on with the gardening, at least it passes the time and gives me some sense of achievement …….

Topside edge done!

Roadside done, and the fir has lost his silly hat

By lunchtime the center bed edge cuts are all done but I’m feeling very weak. Out again after a coffee and start the final shear cuts on the new edges and it pours down with rain!! …. and now they are forecasting a FREEZE Warning for tonight. It could be worse as the poor souls in Steamboat Springs woke up to TWO Feet of SNOW  on day 2 of Summer, 6/22/19

Sunday, cold with the freeze, and feeling very weak from this lack of sleep. Hospital visit tomorrow so maybe some answers to the burning questions. Depression does not help, but neither does a lack of knowledge in these matters.

Hopefully it will warm up soon and I can get the photos of my efforts but I need that sunshine to show the ice plants in full bloom.

Ice plants with some new clumps of dianthus

Pool bed after another weeding

Front garden finally up to snuff!




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