Off we go again

So at close of play Monday night I was at 338.51 in the never ending saga of cycling around the Equator. Although I got an impressive 5000 miles last year, this year, I must confess has been a struggle every day fighting winds and weather along with depression, lack of energy, and desperate feelings of mortality. Probably true that there will not be too many tears shed, if any, on this side of the Atlantic come the day of the author’s passing. Now suicide is a crime but electing not to continue with chemo is now a 5 month death sentence should that be the way ahead.

Maybe a new outfit for this year?

Yesterday was another visit to Durango for the special blood test and a load more pin pricks to find a vein as for some reason they can’t use the “port”. Eventually after two nurse’s attempts we have blood!

Tuesday had been pretty good as the ailing cyclist banged in another 36.45 for the day. Post hospital visit in almost wind free conditions the target of 25.40 pushed the total through the 400 marker and with 5 days left in the month the 500 banner now comes into view.

Almost the end of May and I’m still in thermals!

Thursday, a no rush day, so I’ll be off very shortly aiming for 20 in part 1 and then another 5 or so later this afternoon. Morning run complete on 22.66 so target for the day well within reach.

Down in the FEMORAL zone

Problems like a hernia ? could be the soma playing up, anyhow after the pain subsided I was off again and topped out at 31.46

Target done and a few extra

Morning chores nearly complete with a couple of sales and now off to Post Office and collect my lawn mower after its first service in 5 years! Then it will be a similar ride sequence as I did yesterday. Seems VERY warm out there this morning, maybe the first day for shorts? Before that need a new patch over the lower soma which is leaking from where all the pressure was yesterday ?

Morning run goes well with 24.83 in the bag in warm pleasant conditions and marks the first day in shorts for the pasty body. whatever next!!! I was going to have a beer at the brewpub but my plans on same got changed due to my apparent inability to converse with people without boring them witless. That seems to be for just about anything I say these days, and any story from my miserable past or military service, is dismissed, and quite frankly I don’t really care, as I know exactly where I stand for the rest of my shortened life. So as the place was busy, and having no wish to upset people, I continued the ride ending up on 38.72 for the day and 470.54 overall. 500 should come and go before the end of the month, but I probably won’t!

Also very true, but there are other truths in here as well!

Saturday 29th May which has now become “Hanging Basket Day” and an early start for me polishing a brake plate which sold overnight. In the post, and 3.06 completed on the run to the “PO”

The Famous Five all in place
A closer look
All in place
A good crop
Strange what grows on Maples ?

7 baskets in all, 5 of the flowering variety and 2 tomato baskets which are now on the maple tree. First session of weeding completed in the driveway around the trash dumpster, and the unsightly mess of weeds around the rose bed. Got my ‘Jesus” blister back in one fell swoop!

First session of weeding and the “Jesus Blister” is back!

Delivery by Amazon

Ride shortened due to gardening but 15.32 for the day and 485.86 for the month so hopefully I’ll be through 500 with 2 days to go.

Sunday and a standard start at around 1100 but the strange unexpected winds are from the East and not to my liking as they are sapping all my energy until I turn round and then 20 mph is easy. Just get through the 13 mile point when I get the first puncture of the year. No matter push it home, new tube, and off again and up to 17.67 before other duties call. Well that was enough to crack the 500, so with one day left I’m at 503.53 for the month.

Target met

Strimmer reloaded and fresh fuel for all outside machinery collected from our dumb gas station. Better not BORE you with their dumbness but I paid cash for TWO gallons and gave the dummy $7.00 and I’m waiting for my change ….. nothing! She now tells me she doesn’t know the cost by the gallon!!!


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  1. You sound very low. It must be hard but you need to stay positive. I am sure you have support there just as you do here. Chin up blossom!

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