Sunday 17 th April and the weather has cooperated today and some of the garden clean up will get
under way and the key will be turned in the workshop door at last! Having recently written on the
subject of Scotland the brain is on fast idle to get a leg over a bike or two!

6 months of inactivity !

Of course prior to that as they have sat since last September it will be the normal rituals of carbs and
fuel and as enthusiasm builds oil changes all round and then the start up and testing……… and this
year as a bit of a first I might just get some practice to refresh tired muscles and aging grey matter.

Yesterday was the “last chance” at the Hollywood for the end of season competition prior to the arrival
of the Snowbirds. Having only had two shots at qualifying and one of those getting the booby prize I
was certainly up against the odds on the last day! I draw one of the best players in the area in round
one in the shape of Brandon. I get off to a good start and Brandon misses a few which lets me back in
to clean up. Round two and I’m up against regular winner Ron who has a very delicate touch. Slip
through this one as well and now I’m playing the only other undefeated player, Angela. This one is for
a place in the final and I have my easiest game to clinch this one. A small delay as the losers battle it
out for third place and who I will meet in the final.

Brandon wins and racks the first game. Perhaps we both have nerves but the cue ball seems to
continually end up in some of the worst spots possible. I get on the black first but there is too much
chance of a scratch so elect a safety. I get another chance and it rattles in the jaws……… crap!
Brandon cleans up for the win.

The second game is very similar except this time I’m coming from behind but I end up with a shot on
the black from a very awkward angle. I can either just touch it and hope I have perfect speed to drop in
the center bag or go long to the corner and risk leaving it in a good position. I take the long option and
it was very close but fails to drop. Never mind two very good games to finish and I have qualified…..
at last!

Some serious leaf bagging required

Not nice

Sunday and the Shade Garden clean up begins. The blanket of leaves is raked back, the raised bed
cleaned out and the fountain runs once more. 4 hours of raking and bagging and the place looks presentable and Mrs Down is happy.

With only a month to go to my first ride time to get in the workshop and prep those bikes. Better get
the RV over to Howard and have the oil seals replaced or we won’t be going anywhere.


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