All cleaned up and ready for DMV

After many moons languishing in the workshop, a lot of crying, and now being the last road going
machine in the inventory the giant K1200LT once more is on the roads. Once again this involved
many things, not least building a ramp to get 850lbs of bike out of the workshop where it has sat
since January when it was unceremonially  humped and pushed into same by the Mexican army of
forest workers before we departed for AZ Cycle Park and the Buckeye 2 Day Trial in early February.

Must be the weather, or the completion of other projects but no sooner had Madam got a bee in her
bonnet re riding than the tirade is non stop until same is achieved. With plenty of wood from park
benches available a suitable ramp was devised, cross braced to support around 1100 lbs, and
constructed. With the Beemer rolled out in the sunshine time for a little spit and polish and then off to
Cortez to play the DMV game again.

New Ramp project complete!

First stop the Ford dealership to get the VIN verification form, each DMV has its own rules!, and then
back to the County Clerk’s offices to register for Colorado. No queues here or take a number so
straight in ask for what you want and lo…… plate and title and $60 a year cheaper than Arizona.

Road legal again

Plates on and road legal once more off to Mancos and the Columbine where surprize, surprize Jim
and Lucille are already in full pool mode. Lucille is banging them in, 4 in a row, as I watch and then
when its her go again finishes off the last one and then the 8 ball.

86, and still on a roll having shot 4!

Happiness is a ride on a Beemer

All too soon time to leave and enjoy the fast twisters on the way back to Dolores. Real fun ride on the
impeccably behaved Beemer and the only incident to recall was passing a sherrif going the other
way as we crested a brow at around the 80+ mark……. he didn’t turn round so the day finished without

Leaving Mancos and into the fast sweepers

A Great “Rider’s Road”

One of my favorites

Another project complete so very soon I can get on and rebuild the Baby Superglitz TY175 and get
her sold along with the much beloved “No 53” SSDT replica.


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