Last weekend the place was full of trials riders and all their kit but now the pressure is off and life is
back to normal with the next round of tasks to get done. Some gardening, some personal, a few bike
things to do, yet more strimming and mowing and the final run round checking I have all the sections
picked up. It was quite an event and after all the work that went into it very satisfying to have a couple
of decent performances.

Looking back the sections that gave me the most personal pleasure were, Day 1 the “Horseshoe”,
“Enchanted Garden” down in the trees by the river and the last two “The 4th Bridge” and the “Rock”.

Day 2 has to be the “Graded Hill” after all the flack about it being too hard so 3 cleans here was very
good. “Spuds” was always in the back of my mind very much a maybe section and I was toying with
the idea of throwing it out and finding another but Superglitz made nothing of it for 3 excellent cleans.
I really enjoyed “Tin Can Alley” as perhaps the “perfect” section and I’m very pleased I followed Kirt”s
suggestion to reverse “Grassy Knoll” which became a very doable challenge but just hard enough
to take a few marks.

Grassy Knoll reversed

Slippery when wet !

There were a few learning points and things to store in the memory banks. Those sandstone slabs
do not like water on them and become exceedingly slippery when wet. The Day 1 rain made section 1
much harder than I expected and cost me a 2 first time round and then a 3 on the second visit. On the
cliff edge “Horseshoe” was a classic spin 5 feet up affair during the first downpour but then the high
winds dried it up for a clean just before the big storm hit.

Quick look at “Horseshoe” as I strip it down

Short but a good challenge

Day 2 our group pressed on a little too quickly and we were the section cleaners for anything where
the rain had caused problems. The first big surprize was the Picket Fence where I was more
concerned with the goop going up the exit trail. However I didn’t even get close as the moment the
front wheel touched the old wood of the picket fence pile the bike departed left at high speed as
though it was on ice ! The undignified face plant 5 was a complete shock but old wet wood goes into
the bank labelled DANGER, DANGER and certainly needs a little walking boot scrub like Scottish
rocks before any gung ho attempt. A stall on the Podium steps had me thinking and I still have zero explanation as all appeared to be good. If you make a mistake its easy to understand but this one
still has me wondering as to how it happened. Fortunately for me the cleans on the Graded Hill and
Spuds kept me in the running  despite my two 5’s and a 3. Shame we didn’t get any photos of the 2
line group up Spuds. Maybe some will emerge from other photographers.

A close up and personal instant sideways 5 on the top pile of fencing……
never saw it coming !

3 good cleans on the Graded Hill

In or out ? glad I kept it in as I had 3 super cleans up the dirt side

The Superglitz finally gets cleaned and brought back to spec. Stakes have been cleaned from the
sections I picked up and I know there are still 7 to go up on the cliffs and then check we got the cards
and tape from Lost Canyon.

Superglitz gets the nod for Casper

I expect a few section boards will be missing and I know Doorway went south to AZ as a souvenir
with Jim Wagner after he picked up 1-4 in the Canyon. Out to the Canyon one last time and all the
sections have been stripped and the associated tape, cards and boards are humped in the Cadi so
all clear on the day 2 event so just the hike in to the cliffs for the last time.

The last of the Lost Canyon debris

Finally up on the Mesa and Brenda joins me for a walk round to see where 2 months of walking and
hacking was spent. We clean up three sections and the crossover loop tape but then it gets dark again
so time to go. The thunderstorm arrives after we get back but I need to go out again to finish this job
as my attention is now moving back to driving the old school bus. The last sections are picked up and
all the generous route marking removed.

Boards ready for storage and next year

Last bucket of stakes to clean


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