The 74 SSDT Replica complete with “Goofy” hat

The “Real Thing”  Edinburgh Cattle Market  May 1974

First ride for the “Rep”

 Central Arizona Trials has just thrown another Trial into the schedule, although of course you
never quite know what is going to happen until it happens! Not much point asking as only the
“Elitist Few” ever know the workings of the club, that never has an AGM or question time or any
input as to what is happening. Officials become Officials and elections or otherwise are not even mentioned……ssssssh you know WHO!

While I was away in Texas at Diamond Don’s CAT ran a trial at Oak Flats and I see Rich Palmer
really handed out another can of Arse Whup to all the morning riders! Well done Rich, good to
see the Yam and the Cub can still beat all the modern bikes on the same line.

Testing “Poofy”

Poofy going well!

Alto Pit just outside Prescott, is always one of my favorites with some great natural sections
which, no matter how many times you ride them always have a different flavor every time an
event is held. This would be a fantastic place for a 2 Day AHRMA National as it has everything
and lots of it to boot, I had better suggest it to Ed for next year.

So a full calendar, next week the AHRMA Trial at Perris, then Alto Pit the following week and
the AHRMA Cotopaxi 2 Day and Rocky Mountain region opener one week later. Busy, busy. Not
forgetting the Lucas Racing Mag might be here next week but I think that may need a little work
on the technical side to get the timing organized.

By the parking area testing the Majesty on Section 10

What makes Alto Pit so good? well as a facility it has good parking and overnighting if you take
the RV for these 0830 starts. It also has an abundance of fantastic natural sections amid rocks
and natural pines. Throw in a couple of wash/river gulches and you have a perfect mix along with
some good climbs if the Trialsmasters ever choose to use them. Being Arizona the only thing it
lacks is MUD, but you can have some good deep wash sand which can be just as difficult.

A Fantastic day on Superglitz

Obviously having a great time

Alto has a special place for me as it was the first trial in AZ that I went to watch and the reason
I came back into the sport after 23 years. It was also the place where I tried the first of my many
rebuilt Yams and the one and only ride for the SSDT Replica. Other memories are Brenda turning
the TY250 upside down and scarring herself for life when the footrest went deep into her inner
thigh……. left a scar like a bear trap!……. also seeing her rocket downhill,a steep downhill at that,
when she forgot which side the front brake was on!

Superglitz in the rocks

A super bike on a soooper day!

Only problem this year is that little dog Rossi is due to give birth around then so it may be an
out and back for me with the rack and Cadi…. we will see.

Ossamaha going well too

The other thing about the “Pit” is that it has always been my “testing” area for new bikes and
again for this one I just might take the Ossa as its such a long time since I last rode it and it
could be a lot of fun with the big steamroller engine.

Tony Down

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