Death Valley National Park

Here it comes again!

This hot weather (for Colorado) has diverted me from some of my main objectives as the summer sun has been sapping my strength and energy!

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Need another one of these


Lunchtime and even hotter

True there has been progress, but I need to push on with that center bed and get out there on the bike first thing in the morning and get those numbers ticking over again. If I can get back in my summer routine then there is a good chance I can try for some hill climbing in the afternoons and maybe catch up on my distance targets.

The morning goes well despite the uphill headwind for the first 3 miles but a solid 25.25 completed and now ready for yet more weeding in the big front bed.


Bloody hard work ……. but worth it!


Smothered plants enjoy the sun once more

Back on track and into the main bed after a little maintenance weeding around the garden for those that I missed. 4 beers and 3 margaritas later I’m up to the cottonwood stump and have uncovered some really nice plants smothered by my number one enemy the “arsebine” !

Wednesday  and another 25.30 ticks over before weeding kicks in and its horrible! Still a long way to go but some more progress in the jungle. At least I’m now coming to an easier stretch where for some reason this dreadful creeper weed has not taken over. While I struggle with this mess time to look at the “pretty bits” in the garden as with all this heat everything is bursting into full flower.



The shade garden is fully stocked and a delightful haven for a cold beer  and along the front the clematis are loving summer to the full.





The roadside weedbed plants are back every year, and the mint that I planted is taking over but smells wonderful when the hose is on it.


………and of course with all these flowers the butterflies are out and about


……..something to enjoy, but for now its back to the non stop weeding and the voyage of discovery to see what plants are still alive under all the non desirable vegetation.

Onwards from the cottonwood stump, around the corner past some surviving yellow ice plants and down the side hill with all the fir trees an odd heather or two still alive amid the wild strawberry plants. Two self seeded firs of unknown type and some small pinks choked by the infernal creeper.


Ice plant with self seeded fir trees


Wild strawberries


Last year’s pinks hiding in the weeds

By day’s end I’m left with one last push for Friday and the end of Weeding Round 1. The ground has been severely watered and I should be through the jungle by lunchtime, all being well.



Not looking forward to this!!!!!!!

Well that didn’t go as planned! Very, very slow pulling out this lot and hard on the hands and shoulders. By lunchtime I’ve hardly made a dent in it. Brenda has some new water lilies and gets them in before leaving for work.


They look pretty good

More and more grass  gets removed along with the creeper and dandelions a’plenty and by 1645 I’m finished and the battle is won!


…. from this ……..


…….. to this



Now time for a few beers and then water, plant up, and water some more.

All that remains for completion is cut the edges and mow the lawn and I’ll be done for this stage.


The beers were good and, I believe, well deserved, and I get the thumbs up from our pumpkin who is singing “The pumpkins got his hat on …… hip, hip, hip hooray”


Most people get syrup from Maple trees but we get cucumbers and tomatoes?



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