Here’s the deal rabbits, I need a new sleigh from either Jaguar  or Range Rover, preferably with a V8


Not bad!

Oooooh, now that’s some accel !

Sadly some of the many Christmas presents I would have liked had to be put “on hold” as I’m still undecided on which vehicle to go for when I have finished all this medical stuff and surgery. If I survive the battle I can order what I please.

However, I do want to badge up the grille again along the lines of my earlier exploits when cars were very important to me and all the work involved keeping them in A1 condition both inside and out.

Quick refresher of “My” Range Rovers after a look at the Audi

My Audi pre the Saudi experience

RR1  Pre Gulf War for something to do

RR 2  Post Gulf War l bargain

RR 3 after arrival in Phoenix AZ

RR 4  …… before it started snowing!

If I continue down the RR road then the Shaq mobile would accept the badges without any problem to the grille.

Special grille, no problems for badges

The 2010 model I’m looking at could be improved with a chrome grille for a bit more WOW factor

I’m sure chrome would look better

A lot more POP!


Look what the rabbits found

The grille will be my personal history, RAF and my 14 years at RAF Coningsby, where I served on 29 Squadron (76-79), 64 Squadron or 228 OCU from (79-88), and finally 5 Squadron until Gulf War I in 1989. Then I was seconded to British Aerospace and 29 Squadron RSAF in Dhahran SA until 1994. I was also very privileged to serve on the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight from 1980-89. 30 years of my life on a grille!

64 Squadron always stood out as my career “high” as I was made Dep Flt Cdr and then as I was promoted after a stint in the Falklands I took over as Sqn Ldr Trg. Shortly afterwards we moved across the airfield to make way for the F3 Tornado and I then became the “XO” or deputy boss.

Former boss of 228OCU  Gp Capt Chris Coville, and my boss in the Falklands, presenting me with my 2000 hours F4 badge

During 1987 my Wing Commander, Steve Nichol was sent to the Falklands to command 23 Squadron and 9 aircraft leaving me to command 64Sqn/228OCU with 35 Phantom F4’s, 100 students and 55 instructors. They also gave me substitution pay which was a HUGE pay rise as I had more commissioned time than Steve and went to top pay Wg Cdr.

Christmas Eve  morning and a Winter Storm warning in effect until 1800 on Christmas night. Forecast up to 12″   !!!

Nothing as yet so Santa is off practicing ……. looking a bit on the rough side as he really isn’t used to this V8 power. Early morning test flights up and down the 145 in front of the house ……..

Didn’t think he would pull out of that one

Better down by the Town Hall

Better get him in for some breakfast

High speed run down by the church ……. and then some “bomb” runs

Could speed up delivery

……… and then he gets a bit “overconfident”  ………

10 degrees nose down/1000′  MAX!!!

as expected there is an almighty crash and the sleigh gets airborne again and collides with a tree by the school

No, he hasn’t got a V8 endorsement, or insurance for 3rd party damage to private property

They let him off with a ticket, and I’ve added my next year’s wish list if I’m still around. Things I would like in my stocking…….

Either one of these or,

This one will do if this is the choice

My old badges are all painted and ready at a moment’s notice

Other badges are still in the undecided basket but I do like this old RAF vintage one which has a lot of character

Even been pre-drilled for the job

sadly I can’t find 64 squadron in the right size …… these are a bit small at 3/4″ diameter

Next ones up in the range of “wants” are about 4cms

Might look good …. , but can’t find a 64 Sqn

A few Jag trinkets if I go that way ……..

Or another from  Range Rover

Well it did start to rain and snow but nothing much came of it other than the horrid damp feeling and temps down to 36F

The fire is lit, Santa has loaded up and will soon be on his way as here it becomes “Twas the night before Christmas etc, etc”……… seems a reporter from the local paper heard of the “crash” so that will be in the headlines

Meanwhile he has gone until next year,  I think someone has detuned the sledge. Seemed a lot quieter on take off and looked good on the fly by.

Up, up and away

Masterful stuff …… well done Santa

….. and to ALL a good night






















  1. Happy Christmas Tony to you and Brenda. I know that yours and Sophie’s day has just started as it is only 2 in the morning. Sally is just ending her day in Australia at 8.00 p.m. and Edward and I have woken up at Ruthie’s where I am meeting her son and her parents for the first time. Ruthie is so lovely and her Mum is really nice too. I will meet her father later today. Her son is delightful although at 15 and 6ft something, he makes me feel like a mosquito when I’m standing beside him!! I love the way you say, ‘cars were very important to you’. They still are a complete fixation!!! Happy Christmas!

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