I think I’m on the pink ones bottom left

Pills, pills and more pills! The day starts with a heart pill and 3 Ducolax softeners to keep the “bag” free and then around 8 a.m. three of the new big chemo pills ……. 12 hours later another 3 of those large chemo fellows …….. please don’t shake me!

One week down on the new revised program, no noticeable side effects as yet, so stay positive. Deep down I still feel I’m missing something along the way …….. must keep away from the internet which only makes me depressed, but that, I feel, is because I’m not being told everything …… maybe there’s nothing to tell, but I need a lot of reassurance at this time in my life.

Into week 2 of the pills and all seems well at the moment except, some shortness of breath on waking, but after a serious bout of nose blowing the system finally runs on air!

The time is rapidly approaching when “cabin fever” will strike and some good old “fettling” will begin in the workshop with a view to tarting up The No Excuse Cub and Superglitz. Brenda’s TY125 will also get the treatment and then some sales can take place.

A “new” to me Rover has come up and could easily be where I’m heading. Reasonable price, no state taxes as such, only 70K on the odometer and a few extras I like.

Gotta loveĀ  the detailing polish and the “Grille”

……. and supercharged

Unlike me, it better not be rattling!!!!





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