While manic politics rages harder than the pandemic and stupidity abounds and is now widespread in some people I would not have expected to be so seriously inflicted even to the point of critical and requiring ICU treatment!

Another nail on the head

Well on the mileage front my endeavors continue and apart from, “dismal Tuesday”, when the wind was just too strong, I’ve been well over the “30” and no missed days.

A good Friday on 36.43

Saturday, and supposedly “light and variable winds”, horse shit! wild and blustery from the SW, and hard to deal with but no matter, try the Telluride run and make it up to South Fork for 12.5 before turning round. Another afternoon burst nets 33.43 for the day and a smidge over 210 miles for the week ….. must be a record here!

10 days left in the month and starting at 1628.10

So Saturday was also Solstice day and No maidens dancing through the gardens in the wee small hours. Many years ago I was stationed at A&AEE at Boscombe Down in Wiltshire which is a few miles from the famous Stone Henge on Salisbury plain.

Stone Henge  ……. as a good a Henge as you will see anywhere!

Considering the time frame of the building of this the engineering is quite unbelievable and there must have been several “trial and error” situations before these mammoth rocks were hauled into place.

What was I doing there you ask ? Well A&A EE stands for Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment and I was there assigned to 22JSTU testing the Martel TV guided bomb. We had a small fleet  of pre-development DH 110s or the Sea Vixen FAW1 which were wicked little beasts and, bloody fast, considering the year I’m talking of is 1970 !!

The primary training bird, XJ 481 with the glass nose

Evil little mother!

The primary “Firer” XJ 476 painted all white which we would launch the Martel from over Aberporth Bay in Wales

Enough then about aeroplanes and tales of daring do. Back to Solstice time and those strange people up in Seattle who have just given us this……

apparently go even nuttier at Solstice time with a nude cycling parade (no we don’t have any of that in Dolores)

Could it BEE my BE all you can BE outfit ?


?        ?        ?

so as I arrived home yesterday afternoon the front tire was slowly deflating which as it already had a pinhole in the tube really didn’t surprise me. However, keen to be on the road again I was mighty pissed off to find the rear was also flat so two flats for the price of one ….. hope these inner sleeves arrive soon!

Fresh tubes, front and rear but now the bloody wind has got up again and that does not amuse me! OK, I give in…… today has now become an Official Rest Day with much Moscow Mule drinking courtesy of daughter Sally …….(Father’s Day)

Monday and time to get back on track after yesterday’s official rest day. Weather forecast had changed from light and variable winds to RED FLAG, 30 mph gusts, so a determined effort to get out there before the winds picked up …..this I did, very warm, verging on really nice.

I need a haircut! but I got another 35.21 miles

Tuesday and more determination shows I could burst through the 1700 mile banner if I put my mind to it as just under 37 miles is all I need today. Pleasant enough morning run and just over 30 is done. The afternoon is windier but 40.38 says enough is enough and I’m now on 1703.69 with 7 more days in the month.

40.38 which is pretty good for me, now 13,094.62 around that Equator !

Wednesday comes and goes, once more my forecaster forgot to say anything about the gale force winds! Never mind and 30.75 gets done although things are not looking too good as Brenda is not feeling well (not Covid related) and we are waiting for the electrician who fixed slot 4 last year for $1600 and yesterday the power  went out again!

Waited for the electrician who failed to show, so no more riding but some weeding done ….. as long as you do something! Well the 19.07 helps but put me a few miles behind where I wanted to be.

Friday and more miles top out at 36.51 ……

Saturday, now the internet has gone down so I’m back on the mission with another 36.86 to finish the week on 1826.81 and still 3 days left in the month …….. might even crack 2000 by 4th July ?









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