The manic leader is determined to drive his “super duper” USA golf cart over the cliff with more outrageous and ludicrous statements

Today his top three are:

Children are very strong and immune to the virus???????

A vaccine will be ready by 3rd November ????????

The Beirut explosion was a bomb, it was an attack?????

Not ONE ounce of fact or credibility in ANY OF IT !!!!

Sadly the list is ENDLESS

Well here we are, my birthday, August 7 and today marks number 74 with of course no thanks to him.

Zero progress on the Pandemic, nothing on the “Generous Stimulus Package”, and yet more blatant lies on children and how their young immune systems will keep them safe. Nothing on Health Care which was promised as recently as 2 weeks ago and now some further crap on a vaccine he claims will be available by November 3rd, even if nobody in the medical world agrees with him.

Oh, I think he was talking of “his” dementia test

So after all this evidence HE actually got something right!

Don’t worry, there won’t be many left soon …… but you do have a team of faithful followers

Cream of the crop!

Well all this will surely be small potatoes after the Harley Halfwits have had their binge fest at Sturgis, with a reported 250,000 in attendance, of course claiming its “their right” and freedom! Well good luck with that and your LAST RIDE!

A shirt hangs outside of a store

Lucky you, but some will survive, it’s only a hoax right Don ?

Tune in for Next Week’s lunacy and more from the Moron






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