A B40 Motor

Bits Stuck Anywhere doesn’t sound too glamorous but this is what BSA motorcycles were always
called when I was a lad. My first ever motorcycle was indeed a Beesa, a little 1946 rigid 123 Bantam
with a 3 speed box. An ex Post Office machine that was loved and cherished until finally being rebuilt
for my official entry into the world of motorcycling at the age of 16.

The Sick James, maybe Robregordo next year?

So why am I waxing lyrical about BSA, or Birmingham Small Arms? Well it transpires that the beautiful
250 Black James that I was due to ride in the Pre 65 is unfortunately still in intensive care while the
might of Greeves try to resolve the crank & rod issues. Well just as well I suppose as the thought of
retiring has no merit. Now up for grabs is another wonderful offer of a BSA B40 owned by Carlos Bosch.
As Carlos is another meticulous mechanic with attention to every detail I’m quite sure this machine will
be fettled to a very high order. Only going on hearsay I believe it lives in the UK and is currently in Sam’s
hands and he will be delivering same to Kinlochleven for the weigh in. Carlos himself used it last year
for the second day after his Cub blew the gearbox on Section 18 on the first day.

This is the One ! Carlos on Day 2 2008

Neat, not sure about the footrests

To be honest I have never ridden one of these beasties, nor I must admit have I ever wanted to. No,
I’m not prejudiced against the marque, just never really wanted to ride one as I’m more a Triumph
man. However as a ride in the Pre 65 it may just be the right tool for the job.

A nicely revamped B40

I know Big John is riding one this year as a departure from his faithful Matchless. The only picture of
the real machine is not that clear but all and sundry are telling me that its just a BIG Cub so that
sounds like fun. From the picture I see it still has the original forks, although who knows what lurks
inside? Being a Sammy Miller bike I’m sure it has all the right “goodies” to improve handling and
performance although many readers will remember the problems I’ve had with the Sammy pegs!
That being said I don’t remember any downhill sections in the Scottish where this would be a

Big John in Beesa Action, hope the pegs aren’t that high!

So as excitement builds to the big day and first ride of the machine, just 2 weeks today, I will sit
and ponder the joys to come.

Tony Down

All last minute “Pledges” are welcome

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