December 26th or Boxing Day going back to when Christmas was a fully religious day and Boxing Day was the day when boxes, or presents were traditionally opened and the landed gentry rode to hounds!

My early memories of the festive season were always Christmas at Auntie Glad and Uncle Tom’s, then everybody crowding round the 9″ TV with the 3″ magnifier, for the Queen’s speech and the cold ride home and getting ready for Boxing Day at my Godmother’s, Auntie Madge.

Circa 1956 the whole  family watching

Maybe 1959?

Later in life Boxing Day was always a local trial and super fun in the snow up on Jumping Downs where the Barham Club ran most of its Trials.

1962 on the Greeves Scottish 9E, Beatles Hat and snow

1964 on the Square Barrel Greeves TES just before I joined the RAF for Officer Training

Later still in the 80’s it was a pheasant shoot somewhere in or around my RAF base and again a load of fun and  great walk round with all the friendly farmers and loopy gundogs.

Classic Lincolnshire Pheasant

Well that was back then, since moving to the USA in 1995 its either been working, as in Phoenix, or more latterly skiing up at Telluride our local resort.

The Dynamic Duo at Telluride

Telluride with Phil

Bluebird Day in Telluride

However this week the weather is not so friendly with the big dump on Christmas Night and a bit of a plough out today before some 9 Ball pool.

Yesterday was mainly clear in the morning but then the next winter storm arrived around 1600 and by bedtime there was about an inch on the rail with a forecast of 2″. We got the 2″ by dawn and today the forecast is 1-3″ and we already have one!

Brenda is off to see Phil in LA again to complete one of her bucket list items, which is the Rose Parade in Pasadena. She is leaving this afternoon from Cortez on a small but comfortable aircraft and goes to LA via Denver. At the moment we can’t get hold of the airline or the airport to see if the flight is on and if the runway is open ?

Later we get the call that it IS on but delayed 1 hour. Plenty of time in the Denver layover so all should be well. I’m back home about 1615 and the temp is already down to 20F. Hypertherm  dragged out of the snow and brushed off before evening light up. Fire lit, plenty of checks on the traveler and before 2200 I get the call saying she has arrived safely and enjoyed the flight.

YYEEESSSS! it really is THAT cold!

3F at bedtime! and the same this morning but now the sun is up its crested 8F. Going to be a COLD, VERY COLD few days and I’ll be watching a fair bit of TV !










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