With the temp coming up and none of that bitter wind I’d better get on with my refurbishing tasks on the Ty125 and No Excuses. Into the workhouse then,  and off I jolly well go! Out with the back wheel and a severe brushing of the chain

Clean again

Next up the spindle for rear axel degreasing and of course the mirror shine before more grease and the rebuild. Same program for the rear brake hub and remove 5 years of tarnish from all and sundry

I’ll get to you in a minute

Believe it or not it’s Magnesium 

Some serious elbow grease!

All rebuilt

As requested “slow action” Domino

NEW Grips arrived today!

More from mister Autosol to finish the day, always the best polish for trials bikes, more on this later

Yes the yokes are highly polished

It was a steel one I had chromed

Elbow grease cover and fin

More cover and fin “elbowsol”

Forgot I chromed the exhaust guard, and my decals as a bonus

1000, and still below FREEZING, I will get in that workhouse, promise, but it needs to warm up a little first as my hands can’t take it with the wretched chemo side effects.

They are coming to bits!

Here is the forecast until Tuesday night!

Just what I needed!

Now they have issued a WINTER STORM WARNING until Tuesday evening       GREAT!

Meanwhile back in the Workhouse the Engineer sets about the front end of the TY125 with the hope of finishing the task before the Packers game.

Front end day with grips, front wheel axel, brakes and polish all including the forks

A little vodka to settle the grips

Throttle side

… and the clutch side

Badly tarnished brake plate, axel not too bad

More elbow and solvol for the bright finish

Forks next for a pre delivery polish

Replaced a stripped anchor plate bolt, easy if you have a spare

Nice shine on the hub and forks

Here she is

Ready for action

Tomorrow its time for No Excuses to go in for her “Makeover”









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