“Did she get her wish ?”

…….. And so it came to pass that after much collecting of wives tales, blue flames and other indicators Brenda’s “Snow Dance” and prayers were set to be answered. My plans for an exploring weekend on Superglitz were cruelly dashed by the Snow Gods as the system rolled in.

Thursday night and the forecast is snow from 1 a.m. onwards and then snow all day Friday. The day
kicks off leaving the house circa 0530 with about 2″ on the ground of wet snow. A crawl into town but
by the time I’m in Cortez the roads are just wet. A cautious run out to my start point but then it starts
into blizzard conditions. At the second stop I have to reverse down the hill, drop the chains then take a
run at it. No major problems on the morning run other than being pretty slippy.

By the afternoon nothing much has changed as it seems to be melting as fast as its falling. Come the
end of the elementary run the temps are going down and the roads are getting quite unpleasant!! Not
sure why but just about every truck I meet is one of these Fords with those extended wing mirrors ???

The big eared Ford !

Town roads are still wet but out in the country its beginning to pile up and no sign of plows. This older
bus is on the limits for its tires and I’m forced to use chains frequently on every gradient and many T junctions. A few slides, a few near in the ditch incidents and a moment when the chains didn’t seem to
be doing much but I got away with a “3” having cut down to solid ground. Overall I was pleased to get
the bus back home after perhaps the most unpleasant drive I have ever had in a school bus……

Took some time getting going in reverse…… result 3 !

It continues to snow all night as the temps stay down and by Saturday morning we have a solid 6″ with
more on the way. Plows cut it down and by lunchtime with rising temps the main roads are clear and
wet. Brenda does a supply run while I hump more wood.

The forecast says tapering off but by 1700 its snowing hard and the main road is covered again. Its
still snowing hard by bedtime and the “deptho’mometer” on the balcony rail is showing a good foot.
Outside the polar bear falls over under the weight of the snow but remained inflated….. something to
do today.

Monday morning  on the run and not too bad

30% chance today but its been snowing solidly for the last 3 hours and shows no sign of letting up.
The depth guage is now around 15″. The forecast keeps changing and now its snow through
Wednesday with about 5″ mid week.

Dolores always takes a bit hit

Somewhere over the 1 foot mark

Monday night and the forecast is worse again with snow on Tuesday, a big dump of 7″ Tuesday night
then snow all day Wednesday for another 3″. Tuesday morning and its changing again with 9″ now
likely o’night….. also heard that we may have a Snow Day ???? I thought that was unheard of in
Colorado School Bus driving circles !

Wednesday morning, not a snow day, 2-3″ of fresh snow, so off we go. The extra snow gives my bus
some added traction and all goes well in the awful conditions rounding up the elementary kids.

Wednesday morning before dawn on road 17 (I hope)

Set off for loop 2 for middle and high school and on an uphill right hand cambered bend there is a
snow plow slap dead in the middle of the road having spun out.  I get out to help and both he and I
are having trouble standing up on the polish glass surface……. my door slams shut and I’m forced to
climb back in through the back door. He gets his chains on and pulls me to the summit and off we
go again.

The storm intensifys with blowing snow, a 25mph wind and white out conditions. I’m limited to 15
mph, the wipers are icing up and I’m beginning to wonder if I’m ACTUALLY on the road ?? Very
unpleasant but the tortoise lumbers round staying out of the ditches. The afternoon run is much
brighter as the storm has whipped through leaving a 30 mph cold wind in its wake. Up in the high
country the wind is howling and icing sugar snow is streaming across the roads forming drifts which
need to be plowed before dawn.

Wednesday afternoon as the storm departs

Pretty, but bitterly cold with drifting snow

This morning bright and sunny, a little wind and the temp at -1F !!! ……… So Brenda, be careful what
you wish for with this White Christmas thing ! Oh, by the way, we took 1st Place again in the Dolores
Christmas Lights display.

1st place again (without the snow)

Her wish is fulfilled



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